ITEM # A08                                                 Dug Confederate Fuse Adapter for Long Range Read Shells.

                                                                          Nice condition and patina. Recovery uncertain.


ITEM # A07                                           Dug U.S.Navy ' 1863 ' Watercap Fuse. Nice patina and threads.



ITEM # A06                                                  U.S. " White Metal " Time Fuse Adapter for Parrott Shells.

                                                                          Great threads and excellent metal.


ITEM # A05                                              12 Sec. Time Fuses for Artillery Shells. Unopened package.


ITEM # A04                                    Dug Artillery Shell Sabot. Large 'Lead Sabot measuring 11" in length.

                                                             Rifling is visible. Found " Malvern Hill Battlefield 'Va.

                                                             $35.00 + $10. U.S.P.S.Flat Rate Shipping

ITEM # A03                                       Dug Confederate 20lb ' Read ' Shell Base with Brass Sabot. Great

                                                                patina and look. Found Petersburg,Va Battlefield in the 1950s


ITEM # A02                             Dug U.S. / C.S. ' Wood Fuse ' Cannonball. Used in the 24Lb Gun. Condition

                                                     is not the best but a fair example of this ball. Weight 17 lbs.


ITEM # A01                                                Dug Confederate 10Lb. Read Shell " Base & Brass Sabot ".

                                                                        Found in the 1950s Petersburg, Va Battlefield.