ITEM # BP31                               Dug Confederate ' Clipped Corner ' Belt Plate. Early war buckle missing

                                                         keeper however the frog is intact. Nice patina, great looking plate.

                                                         Found Piedmont,Va Camp.


ITEM # BP30                                                 US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Non-dug example in great

                                                                             shape with a nice bright patina.


ITEM # BP29                  Excavated US '1851 " Officer's " Sword Belt Plate. Variant with integral wreath and great

                                              patina. This style was worn by US & CS Officer's alike. Found Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # BP28                          Excavated US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Great patina and condition minus a few

                                                      small service dings. Portion of belt leather intact. Found Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # BP26                                               Excavated US Enlistedmen's Belt Plate. Stud hook buckle

                                                                           and a nice look. Found Central, Va.


ITEM # BP34                                             Excavated " Large " Confederate Forked Tongue Frame Buckle.

                                                                       Great patina and eye appeal, left as dug with minimal cleaning.

                                                                       Excellent example, believe found Vicksburg Campaign.


ITEM # BP30                           US Cartridge Box Plate. Great non-dug example marked ' W.H.Smith Brooklyn.


ITEM # BP28                          Dug U.S. 1851 ' Officer's' Sword Belt Plate. Great looking plate with lots of

                                                      Gold Wash and early production # of 29. Provenance of Northern, Va.


ITEM # BP25                                     Dug 1834 'N.C.O. and Bayonet Belt Plate. Great plate and one not

                                                                often encountered with battle scars and solid hooks. I believe

                                                                plate was found Stafford Co,Va.


ITEM # BP17                                     Dug M-1839 " Baby " U.S. Belt Plate in good dug condition.

                                                               Buckle is missing one hook but overall nice shape. Found

                                                               1864 camp  Bermuda Hundred, Va.


ITEM # BP10                                 " Iron Stud " U.S.Buckle. Scarce buckle and not encountered often.

                                                            Recovered near White House Landing,Va. Buckle has iron studs

                                                            full lead back and section of Belt Leather remaining. Nice !!.


ITEM # BP5                               Confederate " Baby " Wishbone Frame Buckle. Scarce Buckle, and great

                                                        dug patina. Recovered C.S. Infantry Camp New Kent Co, Va.

                                                        No breaks or repairs


ITEM # BP3                  U.S. M -1851 Officer's Sword Belt Plate. Non -Excavated plate with  plenty of Gold.

                                          Like example 646 in American Military Belt Plates by M. O'Donnell. Great looking

                                          Plate. Ex. Jerry Emberlin Collection.


ITEM # BP21                            Dug Confederate " Snake " Buckle. Large 3 Piece Buckle and the style that

                                                      would have been Smuggled thru the Union Blockade for Confederate use.

                                                      Made by S.Isaac Campbell & Co, London. Nice Chocolate Brown Patina.

                                                      Found Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # BP6                       Confederate ( Standard Frame ) Waist Belt Plate. Excellent condition plate with

                                                great patina and no problems of any kind. This one has a nice green patina

                                                and is a great example. Sweet !!!. Excavated Orange, Va.


ITEM # BP13                                   Confederate ' Large ' Wishbone Frame Buckle. Also known as the

                                                              ' Fork Tongue ' in excellent dug condition. Beautiful dark green

                                                              patina without defects or repairs of any kind. Great example

                                                              found Richmond,Va by David Manuel.


ITEM # BP7                                   U.S. M-1851 Saber Belt Plate. Great looking plate with most of the

                                                            applied ' German Silver ' wreath intact. Uncommon for this plate.

                                                            The Keeper is not original to the plate however does add a nice

                                                            compliment. Both excavated Northern, Va.


ITEM # BP16                          Confederate Cavalry Frame. Great looking Frame Buckle. Nice woods dug

                                                    Green Patina without defects of any kind. Buckle is figure VIII-4 in Plates

                                                    and ' Buckles of the American Military by Sydney Kerksis ' . Plate is the

                                                    Thin Style and the rarest of these Plates. Found near Bovina, Miss.


ITEM # BP25                           Dug U.S.Cavalry " Double Marked " Carbine Sling Buckle. Great patina and

                                                      condition. Found near New Kent Court House, Va. Buckle is stamped

                                                      E.Gaylord Chicopee Mass. & T.J.Shepard.


ITEM # BP12                              Ohio Volunteer Militia Belt Plate. Great looking buckle dug with hooks.

                                                         Buckle has a slight under curve which can be seen in the photo and is

                                                         non-distracting to this scarce plate. Excavated N. Virginia.


ITEM # BP23                           Dug " Volunteer Maine Militia " Cartridge Box Plate. Smooth plate in great

                                                      excavated condition with full lead back however the attachment loops are

                                                      missing. Provenance of Gettysburg, Pa. Nice clean plate.