ITEM # BP25                           Dug U.S.Cavalry " Double Marked " Carbine Sling Buckle. Great patina and

                                                      condition. Found near New Kent Court House, Va. Buckle is stamped

                                                      E.Gaylord Chicopee Mass. & T.J.Shepard.


ITEM # BP24                               Dug U.S. M - 1839 ' Baby ' U.S. Belt Plate. Not the best of condition with

                                                          edge loss and chipping to the rim buckle remains a fair example of this

                                                          harder to find plate. Found "Harpers Ferry Road.


ITEM # BP22                            Dug U.S.Cartridge Box Plate. Nice overall condition with both attachment

                                                       loops in place. This one has some light iron bleed to the face.

                                                       Found Charles City Co., Va.


ITEM # BP21                            Dug Confederate " Snake " Buckle. Large 3 Piece Buckle and the style that

                                                      would have been Smuggled thru the Union Blockade for Confederate use.

                                                      Made by S.Isaac Campbell & Co, London. Nice Chocolate Brown Patina.

                                                      Found Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # BP20                             Dug Confederate " Clip Corner " Sheet Brass Buckle. Mixed patina and 

                                                        missing hooks. There is a light crease where plate was bent when dug.

                                                        Found near Richmond,Va.

                                                        $195.00                                                                                                                                                                                      D

ITEM # BP18                               Dug Confederate Wreath for the " C.S." Two Piece Sword Belt Buckle.

                                                         Great condition and patina. Found C.S. Cavalry Camp Dinwiddie, Va.


ITEM # BP17                                     Dug M-1839 " Baby " U.S. Belt Plate in good dug condition.

                                                               Buckle is missing one hook but overall nice shape. Found

                                                               1864 camp  Bermuda Hundred, Va.


ITEM # BP13                                   Confederate ' Large ' Wishbone Frame Buckle. Also known as the

                                                              ' Fork Tongue ' in excellent dug condition. Beautiful dark green

                                                              patina without defects or repairs of any kind. Great example

                                                              found Richmond,Va by David Manuel.


ITEM # BP10                                 " Iron Stud " U.S.Buckle. Scarce buckle and not encountered often.

                                                            Recovered near White House Landing,Va. Buckle has iron studs

                                                            full lead back and section of Belt Leather remaining. Nice !!.


ITEM # BP7                                    U.S. M-1851 Saber Belt Plate. Great looking plate with most of the

                                                            applied ' German Silver ' wreath intact. Uncommon for this plate.

                                                            The Keeper is not original to the plate however does add a nice

                                                            compliment. Both excavated Northern, Va.


ITEM # BP6                       Confederate ( Standard Frame ) Waist Belt Plate. Excellent condition plate with

                                                great patina and no problems of any kind. This one has a nice green patina

                                                and is a great example. Sweet !!!. Excavated Orange, Va.


ITEM # BP5                               Confederate " Baby " Wishbone Frame Buckle. Scarce Buckle, and great

                                                        dug patina. Recovered C.S. Infantry Camp New Kent Co, Va.

                                                        No breaks or repairs


ITEM # BP3                  U.S. M -1851 Officer's Sword Belt Plate. Non -Excavated plate with Gold Plating front &

                                           back. Like example 646 in American Military Belt Plates by M. O'Donnell. Great looking

                                           Plate. Ex. Jerry Emberlin Collection.


ITEM # BP2                         C.S. Snake Buckle. British import by ' Isaac Campbell ' of London. Smuggled                                                                                                     through the Blockade for Confederate usage. Verbal provenance of

                                                  Spring Hill, TN. As dug, uncleaned.

                                                  $495.00                                                        HOLD


ITEM # BP16                          Confederate Cavalry Frame. Great looking Frame Buckle. Nice woods dug

                                                    Green Patina without defects of any kind. Buckle is figure VIII-4 in Plates

                                                    and ' Buckles of the American Military by Sydney Kerksis ' . Plate is the

                                                    Thin Style and the rarest of these Plates. Found near Bovina, Miss.


ITEM # BP14                            " Triple Marked " U.S. Cavalry Carbine Sling Buckle. Nice dark plate and

                                                       a really good strike. The tongue's are froze in place. Recovered

                                                      Stafford, Va.


ITEM # BP12                              Ohio Volunteer Militia Belt Plate. Great looking buckle dug with hooks.

                                                         Buckle has a slight under curve which can be seen in the photo and is

                                                         non-distracting to this scarce plate. Excavated N. Virginia.


ITEM # BP23                           Dug " Volunteer Maine Militia " Cartridge Box Plate. Smooth plate in great

                                                      excavated condition with full lead back however the attachment loops are

                                                      missing. Provenance of Gettysburg, Pa. Nice clean plate.


ITEM # BP19                                U.S. M -1851 Enlistedman's Saber Belt Plate. Nice looking plate and

                                                          marked " U.S. Allegheny Arsenal " Excavated Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # BP9                                             U.S.Cartridge Box Plate. Battle weary and missing hooks.

                                                                     Recovered Battle of Seven Pines,Va by Denis Pemberton.


ITEM # BP8                          Virginia Style C.S. Tongue & Wreath Sword Belt Buckle. Great looking Buckle

                                                   excavated from Brandy Station,Va. Brandy Station or ' Fleetwood Hill was the

                                                   largest cavalry battle of the Civil War. Plate was dug together and is an

                                                  excellent example with matching patina and fit. It will be hard to find one nicer.


ITEM # BP4                               Dug U.S. M-1839 Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Early plate with Puppy-Paw

                                                        style hooks. Battle weary and provenance of Gettysburg, Pa.


ITEM # BP11                              U.S.Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Plate recovered many years ago and has

                                                        the look with rust free hooks and smooth face. Dug Vicksburg Campaign.