ITEM # B37                                                        Dug U.S./ C.S. 56 Cal." Tie Ring " Sharps Carbine.

                                                                                Found N.Virginia.


ITEM # B36                                              Dug U.S.58 Cal. Williams Type 1 Cleaner Bullet. Early war

                                                                       bullet found King William Co, Va.

                                                                       $10.00                                                                           M&M # 537

ITEM # B35                                  St Louis Arsenal 36 Cal. Remington Navy ' Tear Drop ' Revolver Bullet.

                                                          Left behind by the 47th Missouri Infantry near Pilot Knob, Mo.

                                                          $10.00                                                                                                            M&M # 99

ITEM # B34                           Confederate  54Cal." Merrill Carbine Bullet. Produced by the Richmond Labs

                                                   and in nice dug condition. Found Varina, Va.

                                                   $40.00                                                                                                  M&M # 67

ITEM # B34                                    Confederate 54 Cal. " Plug Base " Rifle Bullet. Deep Plug Cavity and

                                                            are sometimes dug with ' Wood Plug'. Found near Richmond, Va.

                                                            $25.00                                                                                             M&M # 435

ITEM # B33                                                      Dug U.S. / C.S. 58 Cal. Rifle Bullet. Re-cut Mold.


ITEM # B32                                 Dug C.S. 54 Cal. ' Sharp Shooter' Style Rifle Bullet. Note the thick skirt.

                                                         Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B31                                Dug C.S. 69 Cal. Raleigh Arsenal Rifle Bullet. Called ' Carcano ' by many

                                                       bullet is in nice shape. Found Northern, Va.

                                                       $40.00                                                                                                        M&M # 199                               

ITEM # B29                              U.S. / C.S. 69.Cal Round Ball. These early round ball shot were phased out

                                                      towards the Wars End. Found Surry Co, Va.

                                                      $3.00                                                        SOLD

ITEM # B27                            U.S. 58 Cal.' Swaged ' Base Rifle Bullet. 5 point swage. Found New Kent, Va.

                                                    $10.00                                                                                                             M&M # 346

ITEM # B24                                      Carved Bullets. Pair of carved Confederate bullets one being the

                                                              69 Cal. Belgian Pattern and the other 58 Cal. 3 Ring. Likely for

                                                              the Chess Board. Found Richmond,Va by Lester Roberts.


ITEM # B22                                                    Dug 69 Cal. Confederate  " Teat Base "  Rifle Bullet.

                                                                            Don't see this one often. Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # B20                                                 Dug U.S.58 Cal.Gardner Explosive Bullet. Great bullet

                                                                         recovered South Mountain,Pa.

                                                                         $175.00                                                                  M&M # 532

ITEM # B19                                                   50 Cal.Gallagher Carbine By Poultney. ( Paper & Foil ).

                                                                          $95.00                                                M&M Cartridge # 82

ITEM # B18                                        U.S. 52 Cal. Sharps Carbine Linen Cartridge. This one has been

                                                               opened and powder removed.

                                                               $25.00                                            HOLD              M&M Cartridges # 60

ITEM # B17                                69 Cal. French " Dragoon " Triangle Base Bullet. Bullet has a small blister

                                                       to the nose. Excavated Western Theater.

                                                       $10.00                                                                                                       M&M # 265

ITEM # B16                                                              Confederate 54 Cal. ' Gardner ' Rifle Bullet.

                                                                                     Dug near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # B14                                                                    C.S.69 Cal Gardner. Nice clean bullet.

                                                                                           Recovered  Drewry's Bluff, Va.

                                                                                           $110.00                                  M&M # 168

ITEM # B13                                                  Confederate 577 Cal. ' Nose Cast ' Bullet. Nice bullet

                                                                         dug near Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # B12                              Confederate 37 Cal. Maynard Carbine Bullet. Excellent

                                                 condition. Excavated near Yorktown, Va.‚Äč

                                                 $30.00                                                          M&M # 86

ITEM # B11            Dug Confederate 69 Cal. 'Belgian' Rifle Bullet. Nice crude early war C.S.Bullet.

                               $35.00                                                                                      M&M # 570

ITEM # B10                         Confederate 56 Cal. Plug Base ( Salvaged Lead ) Bullet. Great

                                             looking bullet. Early East Coast Collection.


ITEM # B9                                            577 Cal. Georgia Troops " Teat Base " Rifle Bullet. Really nice

                                                                 with clean white patina. Excavated Dinwiddie Co, Va.

                                                                 $20.00                                                                     M&M # 391

ITEM # B7                                                36 Cal. U.S. ( Slanting Breech ) Sharps by Gomez & Mills.

                                                                     Great looking Multi Groove bullet. Dug Pilot Knob, Mo.


ITEM # B6                                 U.S. 56 Cal. Spencer Carbine Cartridge. Original cartridge in good shape

                                                       recovered near Aylett, Va. This one has a really nice look.


ITEM # B3                                     28 Cal. Cup Primed-Front Loading Cartridge for the Plant Revolver.

                                                          Great condition.

                                                          $35.00                                                                          M&M Cartridge # 100

ITEM # B28                                             St Louis Arsenal 36 Cal. Remington  Navy 'Tear Drop' Bullet.

                                                                     Found near Pilot Knob, Mo.

                                                                     SOLD                                                                               M&M # 99

ITEM # B25                    Wormed Bullet. 58 Cal." Washington Arsenal " Star Base Bullet that has been pulled

                                             from the Rifle. Rain was the largest contributor for this. Found

                                             Hatcher's Run,Va.


ITEM # B30                                                     Dug 58 Cal. Washington Arsenal " Star Base " Bullet.

                                                                             Found near Hopewell, Va.


ITEM # B26                                  Game Pieces. Carved and cut Bullets found in the Richmond,Va area.

                                                          Often used with games such as Chess and Checkers.


ITEM # B23                           Dug 54 Cal. Burnside Carbine Cartridge. Not the best of condition but very

                                                   rare to see these dug complete. Found near ' City Point, Va.

                                                   Cartridge is solid and stable. This one has the Nose clipped.

                                                   SOLD                                                                                          M&M Cartridges # 85


ITEM # B8                             Original 58 Cal. Paper Cartridge for Rifle Musket. Nice condition cartridge.


ITEM # B2                              U.S. 54 Cal. Burnside Cartridge. Great patina. Likely out of a Cartridge Box.


ITEM # B1                                                    U.S. 56 Cal. Spencer Carbine Cartridge. Great patina.

                                                                         Likely out of a cartridge box.


ITEM # B21                                       Dug 3 Piece Shaler Bullet. Nice condition bullet with Solid Base.

                                                              Found near Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                              SOLD                                                                                                                                                M&M # 521

ITEM # B4                                     '' Chess Piece " Neat looking 3 Ring bullet carved into a Game Piece.

                                                            Games such as Chess and Checkers were great Past Times for camp

                                                            life. Dug Henrico Co, Va. By Lester Roberts.