ITEM # CB25               Maryland Militia Coat Button. Non-Dug example with nice aged patina.

                                     * Canfield Bro & Co. Baltimore BM.

                                     $395.00                                                                                23mm

ITEM # CB24          Virginia Militia Coat Button. Gold High Lighting and without problems of any kind.

                                Great Example. Dug by Lee Jackson on the ' Sayler's Creek Va Battlefield.'

                                $275.00                                                                                   23mm

ITEM # CB1                              Virginia Militia Coat Button. Smooth button with great

                                                  detail and gilt highlighting. No problems or repairs.

                                                  Backmark: Young.Smith & Co. New.York

                                                  $175.00                                                          23mm

ITEM # CB2                   South Carolina Militia Coat Button. Nice gold highlighting. Dug with

                                       shank,no defects or repairs. Backmark: Scovill Mfg Co. Waterbury.

                                       $100.00                                                                             19mm

ITEM # CB3                          Georgia Militia Coat Button. Non-dug button with lots of

                                              Gold Wash and mark of *W.G.Mintzer* Phila. 1861.

                                              $245.00                                                             23mm

ITEM # CB4               Confederate Artilleryman's Coat Button. Nice Block A button with smooth

                                   face, full shank and good tin back. Recovered from Dinwiddie, Va.

                                   $150.00                                                                                            23mm

ITEM # CB6                               Alabama Volunteer Corps. Great non-dug example.

                                                   Lots of gold and no problems of any kind.

                                                   $595.00                                                       21mm

ITEM # CB7                    Confederate ' Pewter ' Infantry Coat Button. Dug with shank and

                                        no edge loss. This one is super nice. Recovered near Holt Lake

                                        Selma, NC.

                                        $250.00                                                                              22mm

ITEM # CB8                      North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Nice gold high-lighting and

                                          problem free. Excavated N. Virginia and carries the desirable

                                         S.A.Myers Richmond, Va BM.

                                         $250.00                                                                      23mm

ITEM # CB9                      Confederate Infantry Script "I" Button. Blank Back variant with

                                          killer patina and no ground action, defects or repairs. Button

                                          was recovered from Fredericksburg, Va.

                                          $200.00                                                                          23mm

ITEM # CB10               Confederate Infantry Lined 'I' Coat Button. Great button with a

                                     smooth face ,shank and backmark of * Superior Quality *

                                     Recovered near Charles City Court House, Va.

                                     $125.00                                                                                    23mm

ITEM # CB11               Confederate Infantry Script "I" Button. This one also has great patina

                                     and likely from the same coat. Farmville, Va. Estate

                                     $250.00                                                                                   23mm

ITEM # CB12                Confederate Infantry Script 'I' Button. Sweet example without repairs

                                      of any kind. This is the small Kepi size button. Recovered from

                                      North Anna, Va 2000. Backmark: ''Treble Rich / Standard''.

                                      $200.00                                                                               13.5 mm

ITEM # CB13                        Georgia militia Coat Button. Great button. Smooth brown

                                               patina with no problems. This one is really nice.

                                               Excavated Virginia Campaign.

                                               $175.00                                                                 23mm

ITEM # CB14               Virginia Staff Officer's Coat Button. This one has a fair amount of gold

                                     with good detail and shank. Button was surely in service and has the

                                     look. Recovered Caroline Co. Va. Scovill Mfg Co./ Waterbury.

                                     $100.00                                                                                       23mm

ITEM # CB15                     Georgia Militia Coat Button. Not a scarce button but this one

                                           has the look. Smooth and great example. Dug Northern, Va.

                                           $150.00                                                                   23mm

ITEM # CB16               Confederate Artilleryman's Lined A Coat Button. Nice looking Artillery

                                     button recovered by Tommy Smith  Prince George Co, Va.

                                     Button is missing shank but in really nice dug condition.

                                    ( Superior Quality ) bm.

                                     $200.00                                                                            23mm

ITEM # CB17                 Dug South Carolina Militia Coat Button. This one is really nice and

                                       likely a Non-Gilted example. Condition is superb.

                                       Excavated Virginia Campaign.

                                       $150.00                                                                             23mm

ITEM # CB18              Confederate Infantry Script 'I' Coat Button. Excellent example, smooth

                                    and problem free. Recovered from Caroline Co, Va..' Sweet Button!!

                                    Button has the scarcer mark of ''Superior Quality''.

                                    $225.00                                                                               23mm

ITEM # CB19         Alabama Volunteer Corps* Coat Button. Great condition with lots of gold wash. Problem                                  free button with the scarce  mark of ( Jas. Corning / Mobile ). James Conning produced

                               buttons from 1860 - 1861. This example has the misspelled Die that reads ( Corning ).

                               Great example and Southern Made.

                               $995.00                                                                                                         21mm

ITEM # CB20                   Confederate * Cast * 1 Piece Infantry Coat Button. Great patina.

                                         Dug near Fredericksburg,Va.

                                         $150.00                                                                           23mm

ITEM # CB21                  North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Super detail and no problems.

                                       Button is missing shank. Excavated near Selma, NC.

                                       $125.00                                                                          23mm

ITEM # CB22                 V.M.I.Cadet Coat Button. Clean button loaded with gold wash and

                                       problem free. Backmark: D.Evans & Co. Attelboro. Recovered

                                       New Kent Co, Va.

                                       $75.00                                                                        22mmD

ITEM # CB23                   North Carolina ( SUN BURST ) Coat Button. Lots of Silver Wash

                                         and really nice example. Missing shank, provenance unknown.

                                         $225.00                                                                       23mm