ITEM # CC22                                          Dug U.S.1860 Indian Head Cent. Found Chesterfield Co,Va.

                                                                     $18.00                                         SOLD

ITEM # CC21                                ' 1794 U.S.Large Cent. These early mints are becoming harder to find.


ITEM # CC20                                                   Dug U.S. 1823 Large Cent. Found Dinwiddie Co, Va.


ITEM # CC19                                                     1859 U.S. Indian Head Cent. Fair condition coin.


ITEM # CC17                                         Dug 1853 U.S. Half Dime. Not the best of condition however

                                                                    has a readable date. Found Chesterfield Co, Va.


ITEM # CC16                                   1864 Series T-66. Fair circulated Confederate States $50.00 Note.

                                                              Portrait of 'Jefferson Davis' in center. Original C.S.Note.

                                                              $35.00                                                 SOLD

ITEM # CC15                                    1863 Series T-62. Clean circulated Confederate States $1.00 Note

                                                              with fair boarders and overall nice condition.


ITEM # CC11                                 Dug 1861 U.S.Half Dime. Good condition coin and hard to find date.

                                                           Uncleaned. Found Chesterfield Co, Va.

                                                           $35.00                                                  SOLD

ITEM # CC10                              Dug 1852 3 Cent Piece. Great looking silver found near Richmond, Va.

                                                        $50.00                                                     SOLD

ITEM # CC6                                                                      1808 U.S. Half Cent. Nice Condition.


ITEM # CC5                                    1864 T-65 $100 Bill. Featuring Lucy Pickens & Confederate Soldier.

                                                            Note has fair borders and light circulation. Note has some staining

                                                            to the back. Overall nice condition.


ITEM # CC4                                          1864 $10 Bill. This one features the ' Horse Drawn Cannon '.

                                                                  Uneven borders and staining. Fair note.


ITEM # CC3                                                1864 Indian Head Cent. Recovered Chesterfield Co, Va.

                                                                        Coin is uncleaned.

                                                                        $20.00                                   SOLD

ITEM # CC2                                             1864 Indian Head Cent. Recovered Chesterfield Co, Va.

                                                                     Coin is uncleaned.


ITEM # CC1                 1864 Series T-68 Confederate States $10 Note. Nice Red Note in excellent

                                         condition and clean. Note features the Horse Drawn Cannon. Nice!!


ITEM # CC18                                              Dug ' Silver' Spanish Cob. Recovered Williamsburg, Va.



ITEM # CC12                                            1858 Flying Eagle Cent. Don't see these much anymore.


ITEM # CC7                                                                                        1835 Large Cent.


ITEM # CC14                                                          1851 U.S.Large Cent. Good condition coin.


ITEM # CC13                                                        1737 Great Britain Half Penny. Good condition.


ITEM # CC8                                            Dug 1863 'Indian Head ' one cent. Not the best condition

                                                                    but a fair date.Recovered near Richmond,Va.