ITEM # EB24                                       Dug Early Militia. Great condition and 'Silver' high-lighting.

                                                                  Found near `White Oak Swamp, Va.

                                                                  $65.00                                                                                        22mm                                                                         D

ITEM # EB23                                           Dug 1812 1st Regiment Officer's. Lots of Silver' on this one.

                                                                      Found Amelia Co, Va.

                                                                      $250.00                                                                               23mm


ITEM # EB22                             Dug Militia / Jacksonian Era Cuff Button. American Eagle and applied

                                                        Wreath which are often missing on these. Great little button.

                                                        Found near Richmond, Va.

                                                        $45.00                                                                                                      13mm                                                                                                             D

ITEM # EB21                                           Regiment of Rifleman Coat Button. Dug with shank and

                                                                     nice look. Recovered * Fort Leavenworth, KS.

                                                                     $125.00                                                                                      20mm

ITEM # EB20                                              Dug Early Navy 1 Piece. Recovered Henrico Co, Va.

                                                                         $50.00                                                                        20mm                                                                                                                                      D

ITEM #EB19                                    Great Coat Cuff Button. Clean and great detail. Non - Excavated.

                                                              $45.00                                               HOLDP                                               15mm

ITEM # EB18                               Dug Great Coat Cuff Button. Low convex ' Two Piece ' with blank back.

                                                         Haven't seen many of this style. Recovery uncertain.

                                                         $45.00                                                                                                            15mm

ITEM # EB17                                 Dug One Piece U.S.Infantry Cuff Button. Great excavated condition

                                                           Provenance Uncertain.

                                                           $75.00                                                                        14mm

ITEM # EB15                            Great Coat 2 Piece Coat Button. Dug with shank and * United *States BM.

                                                      $65.00                                                                                                                      20mm

ITEM # EB13                                                Regiment of Artillerists. 3rd Regiment 1811 - 1813

                                                                          Excellent condition and dug with shank.

                                                                          Recovered Folkston, Ga.

                                                                          $75.00                                                           16mm

ITEM # EB11                                          1812 Artillery Corps Coat Button. Great detail and patina.

                                                                   Dug with shank. Recovered Folkston, Ga.

                                                                   $100.00                                                                                 20mm

ITEM # EB10                                                Great Coat. Cuff size with great detail and patina.

                                                                           Backmark: United* States*

                                                                           $65.00                                                                      15mm

ITEM # EB9                                      Infantry Officer's coat size button in great condition and loaded

                                                              with silver. Missing shank. Recovered Folkston, Ga.

                                                              Backmark: Extra Plate. London.

                                                              $100.00                                                                                                  21mm

ITEM # EB8                                        Infantry Officer's Cuff Button. Great looking button dug with

                                                                shank. American made with the ' Armitage Phila BM.

                                                                $75.00                                                                                           15mm

ITEM # EB7                              1812 Artillery Officer. Button is in outstanding condition without defects

                                                      or repairs of any kind. Coat size button and dug with shank. Sweet !!

                                                      Recovered Trader's Hill.

                                                      $125.00                                                                                        22mm

ITEM # EB4                                                    Regiment of Artillerists 2nd Regiment 1811 - 1813 .

                                                                            Coat button with good detail, missing shank.

                                                                            $45.00                                                                   20mm

ITEM # EB2                                      1813 - 1814 Artillery 3rd Regiment. Nice detail and patina. Shank

                                                              is pulled loose from one end. Recovered Trader's Hill.

                                                              $65.00                                                                                                   20mm

ITEM # EB12                                          Artillery Corps. Nice detail and patina. Dug with original

                                                                    shank. Recovered Folkston, Ga.

                                                                    SOLD                                                                                            16mm