Misc Relics

ITEM # MR27                   Dug' Artillery Style Rosette. Large Ornate Rosette with lead filled back. Many of

                                               this style were used by the Confederate Cavalry and Artillery. Great patina.

                                              Found off  RT.5  Charles City, Va.


ITEM # MR26                     Dug U.S.Cavalry,Artillery Bridle Rosette. Excavated near Trevilians Station, Va.

                                                 Nice shape with full lead back.

                                                 $25.00                                                                                                                          31mm

ITEM # MR24                               Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur. Great patina and a really nice look.

                                                           Spur shows remnants of the rowel. Recovered Seven Pines, Va.


ITEM # MR23                                                        1864 * Frankford Arsenal *  5 Second Fuzes..

                                                                                   Unopened and really nice condition.


ITEM # MR22                          22ND  Reunion * Macon Ga. May 7-9 1912. Last Meeting of Lee & Jackson.

                                                      Great condition and still has the attachment pin in place.


ITEM # MR21                       Dug U.S.Regulation Company Letter 'A'. Great Hat Insignia without problems

                                                  of any kind. Excavated from the U.S.Camps of Brooke Station,Va. ( 1" size ).


ITEM # MR20                                        Dug U.S.Regulation Hat Letter ' F '. Super nice condition.

                                                                    Recovered near Brooke Station, Va. ( 1" Size ).


ITEM # MR19                   *State of New York Belt Plate. Buckle has rim damage and missing hook.Great

                                                 plate for the price. Recovered by Denis Pemberton Seven Day's Battles.


ITEM # MR18                                         U.S.Cartridge Box Plate. Battle weary and missing hooks.

                                                                     Recovered Battle of Seven Pines,Va by Denis Pemberton.


ITEM # MR17                                1864 Naval Watercap Fuse with ' N.Y ' Stamp. Uncommon fuse. N.Y.

                                                           representing 'New York Depot' scarcer example of this 1864 fuse.

                                                          Fuse has a small push to the top flange.


ITEM # MR16                          Federal Picket Pin. Good dug condition with minimal pitting to the metal.

                                                      This is the style with the fixed ring that will not move down the pin.

                                                       Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # MR15                        Dug Regimental # 8. ' Lead Eight , I think surely Militia or Confederate used.

                                                   Not the best of condition however a neat military relic. Excavated

                                                  Battle of Seven Pines, Va. Stands 1 1/2".


ITEM # MR14                   Richmond Arsenal C.S. Sword Belt Wreath. Great looking wreath without defects

                                              or repairs. Excavated Dinwiddie Co, Va.



ITEM # MR13                     C.S. Snake Buckle. British import by ' Isaacs Campbell ' of London. Smuggled                                                                                                  through the Blockade for Confederate usage. Verbal provenance of

                                                 Spring Hill, TN. Dug complete with no repairs.


ITEM # MR12                              Lock and Hammer assembly for the U.S.New Model Sharps Carbine.

                                                         Scarce Lock plate. Recovered west of Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # MR11                               U.S.Colt 44 Cal. Revolver Pocket Mold. Nice mold with sprue cutter

                                                          in place. Iron construction, comes complete with Bullet and

                                                         Ball. Mold is unmarked. These large caliber molds are scarce.


ITEM # MR10                               Confederate Saddle Shield. This is the style often found embossed

                                                           with the letters C.S. This one is unmarked. Recovered near the

                                                           Battle of Hatcher's Run. Dinwiddie Co, Va. Measures 2'' = 1 1/2''.


ITEM # MR9                                           Parrott Time Fuse Adapter With Flange. Great condition.


ITEM # MR8                                    Candle Stick Holder. These holders would have been pushed into

                                                             the ground or driven into wood for lighting up a soldier's tent.

                                                            Much needed for camp life. Recovered near Antietam, Maryland.


ITEM # MR6                                    U.S. Belt plate. Small size or ( Baby U.S. ) in good dug condition.

                                                             Buckle is missing one hook but overall nice shape. Recovered in

                                                             an 1864 camp at Bermuda Hundred, Va.


ITEM # MR5                                       U.S. Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. Nice dug condition and still

                                                                retains it's iron hook. It is becoming very scarce to dig these

                                                               like this anymore. Dug Drewry's Bluff, Va.


ITEM # MR4                                       Dug U.S. Cartridge Box Plate. Missing Hooks and has some

                                                                 edge loss. Overall fair plate with great provenance. Dug on

                                                                 the Sayler's Creek Battlefield by Lee Jackson 2017.


ITEM # MR3                            " Triple Marked " U.S. Cavalry Carbine Sling Buckle. Nice dark plate and

                                                      a really good strike. The tongue's are froze in place. Recovered from

                                                     Stafford, Va.