ITEM # MR33                               Dug Stamped Brass ' Ladies Broach '. Lots of gilt and really nice look.

                                                           Ca. 1880. Found Winchester, Va.


ITEM # MR31                        Dug U.S. Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. These are very hard to find anymore

                                                   in this condition and this one is an excellent example. Recovered

                                                  many years ago from the Camps of Northern, Virginia.


ITEM # MR29                               Dug Regulation Regimental # '9 or 6. Hat Insignia. Great condition

                                                           recovered near Seven Pines, Va. 1" Size.

                                                           $60.00                                                                                                                                                                                     D

ITEM # MR25                               U.S. Cavalry ' Bit Boss ' or Rosette. This is the variant with Stippled

                                                           Face and Period between U.S. Excavated Virginia Campaign.


ITEM # MR22                         22nd  Reunion * Macon Ga. May 7-9 1912. Last Meeting of Lee & Jackson.

                                                      Great condition and still has the attachment pin in place.


ITEM # MR20                                        Dug U.S.Regulation Hat Letter ' F '. Super nice condition.

                                                                     Recovered near Brooke Station, Va. ( 1" Size ).


ITEM # MR19                                   * Southern Cross Of Honor * Great condition with a nice aged

                                                                 patina. Badge is unmarked. Attachment pin remains in place.


ITEM # MR17                Dug " 1858 Jeff Davis Hat Pin ". Great Hardy Hat insignia with a smooth Dark Brown

                                            Patina.You can't find them like this anymore. Excavated Western Theater.


ITEM # MR15                       Dug Regimental # 8. ' Lead Eight , I think surely Militia or Confederate used.

                                                   Not the best of condition however a neat military relic. Excavated

                                                   Battle of Seven Pines, Va. Stands 1 1/2".

                                                   $35.00                                                                                                                                                                                             D

ITEM # MR12                              Lock and Hammer assembly for the U.S.New Model Sharps Carbine.

                                                          Scarce Lock plate. Recovered west of Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # MR6                                          Paper Wrap Musket Percussion Caps. Unopened and really

                                                                    nice condition. I believe these would have held 10 to 12

                                                                    caps and issued with the same in Bullets.​


ITEM # MR33                    Dug U.S.Model 1855 ' Springfield 58 Cal.' Rifle Bayonet. Good dug condition with

                                                full length blade,Lock Ring & Screw intact. Excavated ' Port Walthall, Va.


ITEM # MR30                                      Dug U.S.Cavalryman's Spur. Great patina, Rowel and really

                                                                  nice look. Recovered Winchester, Va.


ITEM # MR24                               Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur. Great patina and a really nice look.

                                                           Spur shows remnants of the rowel. Recovered Seven Pines, Va.


ITEM # MR28                               Dug C.S.4 Variant Confederate Cavalry Spur. Excellent example with

                                                           nice Patina and Rowel. Believed to have been produced by the                                                            

                                                           "Richmond Arsenal. Excavated Winchester,Va.


ITEM # MR7                                              " Dug " Artillery Cannon Primer. This one still has the

                                                                          wire attached. Excavated Northern,Virginia.


ITEM # MR16            U.S. Cavalry-Artillery Picket Pin. Good dug condition with minimal pitting to the metal.

                                        This is the style with fixed ring that will not move down the pin. Often

                                        used in camp for Grazing Horses. Recovered near Fredericksburg, Va.