ITEM # N355                     Dug US Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Great condition and detail. Surely dug many years

                                                ago. Believed to have been found Kennesaw,Ga. Portion of belt leather remaining.


ITEM # N354                                               Dug US 1859 Cavalryman's Boot Spur. Broken at the Rowel,

                                                                          dings and scratches. Recovery unknown.


ITEM # N353                                                    Dug Artillery Grape Shot. Iron shot measuring 1 1/2".

                                                                               Found " Hills Point Battery " Suffolk, Va.


ITEM # N352                             Dug 1858 Smooth Side Canteen. Missing spout and appears to have been

                                                         spiked many time with a blade. Small root grown within the canteen. Tag

                                                         states found  North Anna Battlefield 'Hanover Co, Va.


ITEM # N351                                                          Bullet in Wood. Dug bullet appearing to be 54 Cal lodged

                                                                                      in a wood slab. Found Spotsylvania Battlefield, Va.


ITEM # N350               Ames Model 1841 Naval Cutlass Dated ' 1842 '. First year production Cutlass in great shape

                                           with only a few small nicks to the blade. Rare to find in the original scabbard however this one

                                            is missing the 'Tip' which can easily be replaced if desired. Manufacture and Inspector marks

                                            throughout. Nice example and hard to find as a set.


ITEM # N348                                            Ship Wreck Group of Spencer Carbine Ammunition recovered

                                                                        from a Union Supply Vessel sunk off the Carolina Coast.                                           


ITEM # N347                                            Dug US / CS Enfield Rifle Bullets. 50 assorted calibers and styles

                                                                        all in nice dropped condition. Found Camps & Battlefields of the

                                                                        Richmond and Petersburg, Va areas.


ITEM # N346                                               Dug Early War US / CS 69 Cal. Rifle Bullets. 50 count all in

                                                                           nice dropped condition. Found Virginia Campaign.


ITEM # N344                                                       Dug US 44 Cal. Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridge. Nice

                                                                                   solid cartridge found near Dinwiddie Court House, Va.

                                                                                   $45.00                                                  M&M Cartridges # 161

ITEM # N342                      Dug US / CS Rifle Bullets. 100 three ring rifle bullets all in nice dropped condition

                                                  found Battlefields & Camp Sites in the Richmond and Petersburg, Va areas.


ITEM # N340                              Dug Confederate 37 Cal. Maynard Carbine Rifle Bullet. Excellent example

                                                           and hard to get them this nice. Found near Yorktown, Va.

                                                           $40.00                                                                                                             M&M # 84

ITEM # N339                                    Dug US Sharps Carbine Rifle Bullets. 100 Cavalry Carbine bullets all

                                                                in nice dropped condition recovered from Battlefields & Camp Sites

                                                                in the Richmond and Petersburg, Va areas.


ITEM # N338                             Dug US 36 Cal. ' Slant Breech Sharps by Gomez & Mills. Excellent example

                                                          ' Multi Groove '  bullet. Found US Camps near " Pilot Knob, Mo.


ITEM # N337                                            Dug Confederate ' Two Ring Gardner Rifle Bullets. 25 count in

                                                                        nice dropped condition. Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N336                                  Dug US Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Dark patina and smooth back. Plate

                                                              has been punched, likely in an attempt to remain serviceable.

                                                              Found near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N332                                         Dug US / CS 69 Cal. Rifle Bullets. 25 early war 69 Cal. rifle bullets

                                                                     all in good dropped condition recovered Battle of Shiloh.


ITEM # N330                                        Dug US / CS Rifle Bullets. 100 three ring rifle bullets all in good

                                                                    dropped condition. Recovered from Battlefields & Camp Sites

                                                                    of the Richmond and Petersburg,Va areas.


ITEM # N329                           Dug US Cavalry ' Cross Sabers ' Hat Insignia. Great condition insignia without

                                                       defects or repairs of any kind. Found u.s. camps of Stafford Co, Va. 


ITEM # N326                                               Dug Confederate Fuse Adapter for Long Range Read Shells.

                                                                           Great threads. Found Chesterfield Co, Va.


ITEM # N325                                          Dug US Officer's Spur. Great looking spur with superb design,

                                                                      detail and patina. Recovery uncertain. Excellent example.



ITEM # N323                                  " Game Piece'. Pair of Soldier Carved bullets likely for the Chess Board.

                                                               Cavalry Carbine and Three Ring Rifle bullets. Found Richmond Va, area.


ITEM # N322                   Dug Mississippi Militia Infantry Coat Button. Nice smooth button with gold high-lighting

                                               and no ground action. Great example. I believe button was found Dinwiddie Co, Va.

                                               $495.00                                                                                                                                    23mm

ITEM # N320                               Dug Lock & Hammer assembly for the US Model 1861 Musket. Great condition

                                                           with internal components in place. Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # N315                             Dug Rifle Locks. Both missing hammers one being for the Enfield Rifle and

                                                         the other being an early 2nd Model Virginia Manufacture. Scarce Lock.

                                                         Both found Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N312                             Dug North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Detail is good with mixed patina.

                                                         Missing shank as these most often are. Found Central Va N.C. Camp.

                                                         $95.00                                                                                                                  23mm

ITEM # N311                      Dug Confederate ' Clip Corner ' Belt Plate. Early war plate missing bar hook however

                                                 a great example without ground action or problems. Buckle has a light body curve.

                                                 Nice smooth plate found Piedmont Virginia camp.


ITEM # N310                                                      Dug US / CS Artillery Cannon ' Friction Primer. Nice

                                                                                  shape with wire intact. Found Appomattox, Va.


ITEM # N306                          US Officer's Pistol Cartridge Box. Leather is in great shape with tight stitching.


ITEM # N303                                                               Early Iron 36 Cal.' Pocket Round Ball Mold.  

                                                                                            Scissor style mold complete with ball.


ITEM # N302                                 Confederate States $100 Note. ' Dec 11 1862 ' Good circulated condition.


ITEM # N299                                    Dug US ' Merrill Carbine ' Lock & Hammer Assembly. Great condition

                                                                and complete. Found 1985 ' Hartwood Church ' Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N298                         Early War 69 Cal. US Springfield or Contract Rifle Socket Bayonet. Great shape

                                                     and patina. Appears to be an out building or barn recovery. Stamped US.


ITEM # N296                                      Dug Confederate 69 Cal. " Austrian Pattern " Rifle Bullet. Scarce CS

                                                                  bullet. Patina chip to the top however great shape. Not sure where

                                                                  found, most I have seen are from the Richmond, area.

                                                                  $125.00                                                                                               M&M # 320

ITEM # N295                                     Dug US Eagle Plate for the Cartridge Box Sling. Good example with

                                                                 full lead back and one hook remaining. Found Chickamauga,Ga.


ITEM # N290                                  Dug Confederate " CS4 " Style Cavalry Spur. Missing one leg and likely

                                                              why discarded. Nice confederate relic. Reads " Flank Road, Petersburg.


ITEM # N289                                "1858 Smooth Side Canteen. Light bumps & bruises however nice shape.

                                                             This one is missing the Chain & Stopper.



ITEM # N284                                       Dug Confederate Artilleryman's Coat Button. Great example with

                                                                   Isaacs Campbell & Co. BM. Found Central Va.

                                                                   $450.00                                                                                                     23mm

ITEM # N283                                         Non - Excavated  US Regulation " Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp ".

                                                                    Great example with lots of gold.


ITEM # N280                                     Dug Cavalry " Picket " Pin. Good condition Pin however appears to

                                                                 have had a bend removed from the tip. Used for Tying &

                                                                 Field Grazing Horses. Found Charles City Co, Va.


ITEM # N268                                     Dug 69 Cal. Rifle Socket Bayonet. Appears to be Cut Down. I believe

                                                                 done during the period. Blade measures  12". Found Central Va.


ITEM # N266                          US Cartridge Box Plate. Great non-dug example marked ' W.H.Smith  Brooklyn.


ITEM # N256                      Dug " Allen & Thurber 32 Cal." Six Shot ' Pepperbox Pistol. Good excavated condition

                                                  and appears to have one nipple capped. Found Battle of Atlanta, Ga.


ITEM # N254                         Dug Confederate " High Hump " CS Richmond Rifle Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                                     Extremely hard to come by. Good overall condition. Found Spotsylvania Co,Va.


ITEM # N343                                           Dug Bullet Extractors. Pair of bullet worms for the 1816 & 1855

                                                                       muskets. Both in good condition found Richmond,Va area.


ITEM # N345                                     Dug US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Great looking early style plate with

                                                                 battle scares, a portion of belt leather under the hook and appears to

                                                                 have been Bullet Struck. Provenance of Gettysburg, Pa.


ITEM # N328                                    Dug Side Knife. 10" in length with brass cross piece and remnants of

                                                                bone handle. Likely Sheffield. Knife was found in camp occupied by

                                                                " Coppens Zouaves " Louisiana Troops, Caroline Co, Va.


ITEM # N335                       Dug Savage 36 Cal. " Navy " Revolver. Don't see these often in excavated condition.

                                                   Battle weary and missing Back Strap. Revolver is out of a Georgia Estate and

                                                   believed to be recovered near ' Macon.


ITEM # N334                                  Stafford Finds. Group of items being an 1840 Cavalry scabbard section

                                                              front bar for the Mississippi Rifle and Trigger Guard for,the Lorenz Rifle.

                                                              Found Camps & Battle Sites of Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N317                                                  1798 U.S.Large Cent. Heavy circulation however these

                                                                              early mints are becoming hard to acquire.


ITEM # N321                                                Dug '1812 British Royal Artillery Coat Button. Good patina

                                                                           and shank.Found near the North Anna River,Va.

                                                                           SOLD                                                                                           20mm  

ITEM # N324                          Civil War ' Ginger Beer ' Bottle. Great shape. I believe this is a water find from

                                                      City Point,Va. Grants Headquarters during the Siege of Petersburg, Va.


ITEM # N307                                                 US Navy ' Mustard '. Scarce bottle without problems of any

                                                                             kind. These bottles are much rarer than the 'Pepper.

                                                                             Provenance of Norfolk, Va.


ITEM # N297                     Dug US Regulation Company Letter ' K ' Hat Insignia. Letters K,L & M were reserved

                                                 for the Cavalry with M being the rarest and near impossible to find the Ks are also

                                                 becoming very hard to get. No breaks,no repairs. Not sure where this one was found

                                                 however most that I have seen are from Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N261                                           Dug 'Third Regiment of Rifleman. War of 1812. You can't find a

                                                                       nicer excavated example. Found " Trader's Hill ",Ga.

                                                                       SOLD                                                                                                     20mm 

ITEM # N314                                       Dug 'Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Nice shape with hooks intact. Plate

                                                                   is marked W.H.Smith Brooklyn. Provenance of ' Gettysburg, Pa.

                                                                   Complete with old card stating it was found in the 1950s and

                                                                   purchased from local collector in town. Found " Culps Hill.


ITEM # N316                           ' Bullet in Wood '. 58 Cal.Enfield Rifle bullet in a section of Heart Pine. These

                                                        are harder to get with Confederate Bullets. Found Dinwiddie Co, Va.


ITEM # N313                                 Dug US Voltigeurs Cuff Button. Excellent example without problems of

                                                             any kind. Can't find them any nicer. Found Central Va, Camp.

                                                             SOLD                                                                                                                        15mm 

ITEM # N281                         Dug Federal Cavalry ' Carbine Sling ' Buckle. Excellent example 'Triple Marked'

                                                    and in really nice shape. Found Charles City Co, Va. Marked  " E.Gaylord

                                                    Chicopee Mass.  US  &  T.J.Shepard ".


ITEM # N309                              Dug Lock & Hammer assemble for the P-1853 ' Enfield ' Rifle. Used by both

                                                           armies I do believe most were imported for the confederacy. This one was                                   

                                                           found many years ago and in great condition. Dug Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # N308                            Civil War Era Fighting Knife. Great looking ' D Guard ' measuring 20" overall

                                                         with a massive 15" Spear Point blade. Remnants of the rasp teeth can

                                                         be seen on the blade. A center piece for any artifacts collection.

                                                         Knife is out of a Virginia estate.



ITEM # N301                                          " Bullet in Wood " Confederate 58 Cal.' Two Ring ' Gardner in a

                                                                        slab of 'Heart Pine. Found Dinwiddie Co, Va.


ITEM # N292                                     US / CS  Fighting Knife. Cavalry Sword by D.J.Millard' Clayville,NY '

                                                                 converted into 'Side Knife. Portion of the guard has been removed,

                                                                 Blade is cut to 12" with clip point. Even toning and appears to have

                                                                 been done many years ago. Verbal provenance of a Georgia Estate.



ITEM # N267                                  Dug US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Really nice look on this one with belt

                                                              leather remaining. Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.