ITEM # N202                                Dug " Box Lot " of  American Civil War Artifacts. Miscellaneous items

                                                            recovered  Battlefields, Camps & House sites throughout Central Va.

                                                            $100.00 + Shipping

ITEM # N201                                 100 U.S./C.S. " Fired and Damaged " Rifle Bullets. Found Richmond, Va.

                                                            $75.00                                                  SOLD

ITEM # N200                                            U.S. " White Metal " Time Fuse Adapter for Parrott Shells.                                                                                                                                                 Great threads and excellent metal.


ITEM # N199                                             Dug Confederate 10 Lb. Read Shell " Base & Brass Sabot ".

                                                                        Found in the 1950s Petersburg, Va Battlefield.


ITEM # N198                                   Dug Sportsman's Vest Size Button. Early button with Silver Wash

                                                              and face depicts a " Perched Fowl. Found near Aylett, Va.

                                                              $20.00                                                                                                          19mm

ITEM # N197                                                Dug U.S. ' White Metal ' Fuse Adapter for the 20LB Parrott.

                                                                           Great condition with even threads. Found N. Virginia.


ITEM # N196                                Dug Confederate Time Fuse Adapter for ' Long Range ' Read Shells and

                                                           Case Shot. Great condition with even threads. Found N, Virginia.


ITEM # N195                                            12 Sec. Time Fuses for Artillery Shells. Unopened package.


ITEM # N194                                                  Dug U.S.Carbine Sling Buckle. Great buckle found

                                                                             in the U.S.Camps near Brooke Station, Va.


ITEM # N191                                     Dug Locks. Pair of early " Iron locks in great condition. These are

                                                                not often found in very good shape. Recovered Central, Va.


ITEM # N190                              U.S.A. Intertwined Saddle Shield. Heavy Brass plate for the front of the

                                                         Union Saddle. Shield has an interlocked USA Design with mixed

                                                         patina. Likely pickup or barn find. Shield has a really nice look.


ITEM # N186                                   Dug U.S. Dragoon ' Cuff or Kepi ' Button. Great example without

                                                              problems of any kind. Found N.Carolina.

                                                              $65.00                                                                                                         14mm

ITEM # N185                                                           Dug U.S. D Ring Sword Hanger. Found

                                                                                       U.S. Cavalry camp near Aylett,Va.


ITEM # N184                Dug Confederate General Service 1 Piece ' C.S.A. ' Coat Button. Great sand cast button

                                           with shank. Found near the Confederate ' Howlett House' Line. Chesterfield Co, Va.

                                           $650.00                                                                                                                    22mm


ITEM # N182                                            Dug ' South Carolina Militia Cuff Button. Great little cuff

                                                                       with dark patina and problem free. Found Eastern, N.C.

                                                                       $75.00                                                                               15mm

ITEM # N181                                           Dug ' New York Militia Coat Button.Smooth with a really

                                                                      nice look. Found Eastern, N.C.

                                                                      $35.00                                                                                      23mm

ITEM # N180                                    Dug Confederate 20lb ' Read ' Shell Base with Brass Sabot. Great

                                                               patina and look. Found Petersburg,Va Battlefield in the 1950s

                                                               $55.00 + $10.00 U.S.P.S. Flat Rate Shipping

ITEM # N179                               Dug U.S. Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Super detail on the face with solid

                                                          back however missing hooks. Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # N178                                      Dug U.S. / C.S. 58 Cal Three Ring Rifle Bullet. This one is tucked

                                                                 into a " Heart Pine Knot ". Neat relic found Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # N176                                   Dug U.S. Belt Plate. Fair condition plate however does have several

                                                              freeze cracks on the rim. Plate has all hooks intact. Fair example

                                                              found Culpeper Co, Va.


ITEM # N175                        Dug U.S. " Voltiguers " Cuff Button. These Eagle V buttons are extremely hard

                                                   to find anymore. This one is in outstanding condition. Found Northern, Va.

                                                   $225.00                                                                                                                       15mm

ITEM # N173                            Dug U.S. / C.S. ' Wood Fuse ' Cannonball. Used in the 24Lb Gun. Condition

                                                       is not the best but a fair example of this ball. Weight 17 lbs.


ITEM # N171                   Dug Confederate 45 Cal. Whitworth Sharpshooter Bullet. Dropped condition bullet

                                             appearing to have a small shovel scrape to one side. These bullets could rain

                                             havoc in the hands of the Confederate Sharpshooter. Recovery uncertain.


ITEM # N170                           Dug U.S.-M 1858 Smooth Side Canteen. Great looking example. This one is

                                                      missing the spout and damage to one side. Canteen is solid and a great

                                                      excavated artifact. Comes with old tag reading "Chancellorsville.


ITEM # N169                                Dug Artillery Shell Sabot. Large 'Lead Sabot measuring 11" in length.

                                                           Rifling is visible. Found " Malvern Hill Battlefield 'Va.

                                                           $35.00 + $10. U.S.P.S.Flat Rate Shipping

ITEM # N166                          Dug Morphine Bottle. Great looking medical bottle with unbroken lip. You

                                                     never see them. No chips no problems. Appears to be a '' Trash Pit ' find.

                                                     Stands 6".  Recovery uncertain.


ITEM # N164                    U.S. M-1858 "Bullseye" Canteen. Battle weary canteen still retaining most of it's blue

                                               cover. Clearly a War Souvenir and maker marked " Porter, Hadden & Booth, Missing

                                               Stopper & Strap. A true survivor.


ITEM # N160                                         Dug Confederate Cavalry Spur. Iron variant in really nice shape

                                                                    however missing rowel. Found near Brandy Station, Va.


ITEM # N159                                       Dug U.S. 1859 Cavalry / Artillery Spur Variant. Great condition

                                                                  and patina. Found near Murfreesboro, Tn.


ITEM # N158                                     Dug " Bullet In Wood. 58 Cal three ring rifle bullet embedded in a

                                                               'Heart Pine knot. Recovered  ' Battle of Seven Pines', Va.


ITEM # N157                                 ' United Confederate Veterans ' 29th Reunion Atlanta 1919. Nice pin

                                                            featuring 'Gen J.B.Gordon' on horse back. Attachment pin intact.


ITEM # N149                             Dug U.S. Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Great detail, smooth front and back.

                                                        Found ' Malvern Hill ' Battlefield 1970s. Bill Goodman Collection.


ITEM # N148                              Dug U.S. 58 Cal. Springfield Rifle Bayonet. Nice excavated Bayonet with

                                                         full length Blade and Lock Ring in place. Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # N145                                         Dug U.S. 'Spencer Repeating Rifle' Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                                                    Don't often see this one. Found near Richmond Va.


ITEM # N144                             Dug U.S. 1851 ' Officer's' Sword Belt Plate. Great looking plate with lots of

                                                        Gold Wash and early production # of 29. Provenance of Northern, Va.


ITEM # N142                                  Dug Militia style 'Saddle Stirrup. Heavy Iron construction with great metal.

                                                             Used by the Cavalry and Artillery. Found Campsite Corinth, MS.


ITEM # N124                Dug U.S Regulation Hat Letter H Insignia. Large Company letter in great condition.

                                           These are so many times broken when found and near impossible to dig anymore.

                                           Found many years ago near Brooke Station, Va.


ITEM # N120                                 U.S.Eagle Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. Hook appears to be an early

                                                            dig or pick-up.This relic is a thing of the past in this condition.



ITEM # N108                                                     Dug 12LB Confederate ' Iron Plug ' Side load Ball.

                                                                                Great looking shot. Found near Chester Station, Va.


ITEM # N192                           Dug 'Artillery Officer's Militia Plate. Known as the " Star of Stars " pattern

                                                      circa 1810. Plate appears to have been hit when excavated however

                                                      remains a very worthy example. Found Maryland.


ITEM # N193                                    Dug U.S.Model 1859 ' Gutter Back ' Cavalry Spur. Dug with ' Rowel

                                                               and great patina. Found " Sheridan's 1865 Raid  Scottsville, Va.


ITEM # N187                           Dug U.S. Belt Plate. Clean face with even patina. Light ruffle on the rim and

                                              ​        missing Arrow Hooks plate is a fair example. Tag reads Sayler's Creek.


ITEM # N183                          Dug U.S.Regulation Company Letter 'G' Hat Insignia. Condition is excellent

                                                     without Cracks, Breaks or Repairs. Found near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N188                                   Dug U.S. 44 Cal. Henry ' Repeating Rifle ' Cartridge. Great example

                                                              and really hard to find in this shape anymore. Found N.Carolina.

                                                              SOLD                                                                              M&M Cartridge # 161


ITEM # N189                                              Dug Mixed Box of Civil War Artifacts. Found Central, Va.