ITEM # N268                                      Dug 69 Cal. Rifle Socket Bayonet. Import or Cut Down. If altered I believe

                                                                 done during the period. Blade measures  12". Found Central Va.


ITEM # N267                                   Dug US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Really nice look on this one with belt

                                                              leather remaining. Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # N266                          US Cartridge Box Plate. Great non-dug example marked ' W.H.Smith  Brooklyn.


ITEM # N265                            Dug 69 Cal Springfield or Contract Socket Bayonet. Super nice condition with

                                                        great metal and complete. Bayonet was found many years ago Central Va.


ITEM # N264                                      Dug ' Lead ' Cannon. Likely a toy more than last defense. Neat little item

                                                                  found 1862 camp 'Harrison's Landing, Va.  Measures 2 1/4" .



ITEM # N263                                         Dug Relics Box. Miscellaneous Camp & Battlefield item recovered

                                                                     over the years from Manassas, Va.



ITEM # N262                                                        Dug US / CS  Fired & Damaged Rifle Bullets. 100

                                                                                   mixed bullets found  Petersburg, Va. Campaign.



ITEM # N261                                            Dug Third Regiment of Rifleman. War of 1812. You can't find a

                                                                       nicer excavated example. Found " Trader's Hill ",Ga.

                                                                       $200.00                                                                                               20mm

ITEM # N258                                        Dug CS 58 Cal. " 57 Base " Enfield Rifle Bullet. Dropped condition

                                                                    bullet. Confederate import found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N256                      Dug " Allen & Thurber 32 Cal." Six Shot ' Pepperbox Pistol. Good excavated condition

                                                  and appears to have one nipple capped. Found Battle of Atlanta, Ga.


ITEM # N254                         Dug Confederate " High Hump " CS Richmond Rifle Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                                     Extremely hard to come by. Good overall condition. Found Spotsylvania Co,Va.


ITEM # N253                              " Trench Art. Early style US Belt Plate that has been fashioned into a small

                                                            'Tray or Dish. Interesting piece and done many years ago.

                                                             Found Central Virginia.


ITEM # N252                                       Dug North Carolina Militia Coat Button. Dark patina and smooth.

                                                                   Found Central Virginia N.C.Camp.

                                                                   $125.00                                                                                                    23mm

ITEM # N250                                                      Dug CS Import Enfield Rifle Butt Plate. Brass plate in

                                                                                  great condition marked ' Cold Harbor' 1972.


ITEM # N249                                                                     Dug US 1858 ' Half Dime. Recovered

                                                                                                 down town Mobile, Al.


ITEM # N247                                              Dug Confederate Fuse Adapter for Long Range Read Shells.

                                                                          Nice condition and patina. Recovery uncertain.


ITEM # N246                                 Dug Confederate Time Fuse Adapter for Spherical Shells & Case Shot.

                                                             Great condition with paper intact. Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N241                                                 Dug US Artillery 3rd Regiment Coat Button 1813 - 1814.

                                                                            Great button with mark of ' Leavenworth Hayden & Scovil.

                                                                            Found " Traders Hill " near Folkston, Ga.

                                                                            $125.00                                                                                    20mm

ITEM # N240                                                                Dug US/CS 58 Cal.Rifle Barrel. 26" in length.

                                                                                            Tag reads Petersburg. 1950s.


ITEM # N238                                    Dug U.S. 56 Cal 'Spencer Cavalry Carbine Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                                                Nice example found years ago on the Petersburg,Va Battlefield.


ITEM # N237                                          U.S. '1858 Smooth Side Canteen. Excellent example with light

                                                                      Bumps and Bruises. Stopper & Chain intact.


ITEM # N236                        Dug U.S 1858 "Jeff Davis " or 'Hardee Hat Insignia". Often found in pieces this one

                                                    is missing the 'Olive Branch. Great example for the price. Found Central Va.


ITEM # N234                                             Dug U.S.Navy ' 1863 ' Watercap Fuse. Nice patina and threads.


ITEM # N233                           Dug U.S. 'Allegheny Arsenal '1861' Marked' Saddle Shield. Great looking shield

                                                       found many years ago Spotsylvania Co, Va. 1960s. Shield will display nicely

                                                       with your Allegheny marked Sword Belt Plate & Spurs.


ITEM # N232                                       Dug South Carolina Militia Coat Button. Lots of gold and mark of

                                                                   Schuyler. H.&.G. New York. Found Moss Neck,Va.

                                                                   $175.00                                                                                                      23mm

ITEM # N229                                    Dug U.S. Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Common buckle however you just

                                                                don't see them any nicer. Believed found Northern, Va                    


ITEM # N228                  Dug C.S.  70 / 72 Cal. " Belgian " Smooth Bore Musket Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                              Really nice shape with internals intact. Produced by Drisket & Waroux.

                                              Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.


ITEM # N227                                              Dug U.S. Cavalry ' Bridle Rosette '. Variant without Period.

                                                                          Found near Aylett, King William Co, Va.


ITEM # N226                           Dug  ' Regiment of Rifleman ' Coat Button. Great button without problems of

                                                       any kind. Found " Trader's Hill " Folkston, Ga.

                                                       $125.00                                                                                                                           21mm

ITEM # N225                  Dug U.S. Rifle Bayonet. Missing a portion of the blade however Lock Ring & Screw are

                                              intact. Likely the most widely used weapon in the war. From Close Quarters Combat,

                                              Roasting Potatoes over the fire, Tent Stakes and the all dreaded Body Hook. Great relic

                                              from 'The American Civil War '. Comes with old tag reading ' Cumberland Gap'.


ITEM # N216                               Dug U.S. Cartridge Box Plate. Clean plate dug with attachments hooks

                                                          intact. Hooks appear to have Rust Inhibitor applied to them. Full lead

                                                          back. Found Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N209                             Dug Confederate " Forked Tongue " Waist Belt Plate. Great looking plate

                                                         with woods dug patina. Scarcer ' Medium ' size buckle and nice example

                                                         Found near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N205                                                     U.S. Model '1842 and 1861' Combination Gun Tools.

                                                                                Great addition to your rifle displays. non-excavated


ITEM # N203                        Dug U.S. Shoulder Belt Plate. Early dug eagle plate, smooth and great hooks.

                                                    Plate has carving on the back. Found  Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N200                                            U.S. " White Metal " Time Fuse Adapter for Parrott Shells.

                                                                         Great threads and excellent metal.


ITEM # N194                                                 Dug U.S.Carbine Sling Buckle. Great buckle found

                                                                             in the U.S.Camps near Brooke Station, Va.


ITEM # N255                                        Dug M-1854 Socket Bayonet For the 54 Cal Austrian Lorenz Rifle.

                                                                    One of the finest examples I have had. Great metal and found    

                                                                     many years ago. Recovered Central, Va.



ITEM # N243                                               Dug US 56 Spencer & US 54 Burnside Carbine Cartridges.

                                                                           Uncertain but believe may be Reconstructions. Both in great

                                                                           condition found " Bermuda Hundred " Campaign.



ITEM # N224                                                Dug U.S. / C.S. Artillery Cannon ' Friction Primer. Found

                                                                            near ' Semmes Battery ' Chesterfield Co, Va.



ITEM # N223                                                           U.S. / C.S. Artillery Cannon ' Friction Primer.




ITEM # N257                                           Dug US 20 LB Schenkl Percussion Shell Frag & Fuse. Found

                                                                       many years ago ' Petersburg Battlefield, Va.



ITEM # N259                                               Dug '1773 King George lll Half Penny. Rough condition

                                                                            however stamped " G W ".



ITEM # N248                                                            Dug US 1853 'Quarter Dollar. Arrows & Rays.

                                                                                        Recovered down town Mobile, Al.



ITEM # N218                                Dug' Pewter Eagle' for the U.S. M -1833 Dragoon's Hat Plate. Missing

                                                            a portion of the wings condition remains fair. Found many years ago

                                                            Ft. Wayne, Oklahoma. Stands 3".



ITEM # N239                      Dug U.S. Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Fair condition US Oval with light edge chipping

                                                  however dug with hooks. Buckle has the initials ' AM ' carved in the back.

                                                  Found on the Anna River ' Doswell, Va.



ITEM # N251                           Dug American Civil War Artifacts Group. US / CS Bullets, Canister, Spur Pieces

                                                      Ect... Several are marked ' Fort Clifton & Manassas.



ITEM # N207                                    Dug U.S. / C.S. Mess Kit. 1858 smooth side Canteen Half & Utensils.

                                                                These were often separated when damaged and used for  Plates &

                                                                Fry Pans. Tag states this one was found in the 1950s, Atlanta, Ga.