ITEM # N59                         Dug Virginia Staff officer's Coat Button.This rare VA19 is one of the hardest to

                                                 come by and if you collect VAs you are likely missing this one. Button has a

                                                 push to the face, however remains a very worthy example of this Rare Button.

                                                 Back is blank and believed to have been produced by " Steele & Johnson ".

                                                Provenance of Northern, Va.

                                                $850.00                                                                                                                       23mm

ITEM # N58                                 Dug U.S.Shoulder Belt Plate. Smooth face and great detail. Plate was

                                                         " Melted Out ". This was often done in the field when ammunition's

                                                         were low. Found near Yorktown, Va.


ITEM # N57                                 Dug Ohio Volunteer Militia Belt Plate. Medium size plate with hooks

                                                         intact. Worthy example of this rare plate. Found near Gettysburg, Pa.


ITEM # N56                             Dug Confederate " Snake " Buckle. Large 3 Piece Buckle and the style that

                                                     would have been Smuggled thru the Union Blockade for Confederate use.

                                                     Made by S.Isaac Campbell & Co, London. Nice Chocolate Brown Patina.

                                                     Found Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N55                    Sportsman Coat Button. Large Sporting button depicting Horse. Back is not legible

                                            without cleaning however does carry the American Eagle. Found near Richmond,Va.

                                            SOLD                                                                                                                                            25mm

ITEM # N54                         Dug Confederate States Navy " Ship " Button. Scarce button in nice condition

                                                 excavated near Charleston,SC. in the 70s. Button was dug with rim damage

                                                 as can be seen in the far right photo. It has been professionally restored by

                                                Mr. Leonard Short. Button is solid and excellent example. Rare & Respectable

                                                button. E.M.Lewis & Co. Richmond,Va bm.

                                                $1295.00                                                                                                        24mm

ITEM # N53                            Dug Mississippi Militia ' Infantryman's ' Coat Button. Good looking button

                                                    with Gold in all the right places. No issues or repairs. Found Central Va.

                                                    Mississippi Camp.

                                                    $450.00                                                                                                          23mm

ITEM # N52                                       Dug M-1839 " Baby " U.S. Buckle or Box Plate. Melted-Out and

                                                               battle weary. Dug " Gettysburg, Pa ".

                                                              $35.00                                              HOLD

ITEM # N51                            Dug " Bullet & Musket Tompion. Tompions were use to keep Dirt and Debris

                                                   out of the Musket when Marching and not in use. This Soldier may have been

                                                   rushed into Battle and under the 'chaos' failed to remove it. Great piece of

                                                   American Civil War History. Provenance of  " Gettysburg, Pa ".



ITEM # N50                  Dug U.S.Regulation Company Hat Letter ' H ' Insignia. Great condition,no problems.

                                          These are usually broken when dug.Found near Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N49                                 Dug U.S.Plate. These Plates and Buckles were often Melted Out for

                                                         Ammunition and Camp items when needed and is the case here.

                                                         There is a small section of the Lead Back attached. Found N,Va.


ITEM # N48                     U.S.Navy ' Pepper ' . Scarce bottle and Great condition. Provenance of Norfolk,Va.


ITEM # N45                      Dug U.S.Shoulder Belt Plate. Great looking plate with nice detail and condition.

                                              Smooth back, missing hooks. Found near Fairfax C.H, Va.


ITEM # N44                                  Dug U.S. Cavalry, Artillery D-Ring Sword Hanger in nice condition.

                                                          Found Winchester, Va.


ITEM # N43                                 Dug Stamped Brass ' Ladies Broach '. Lots of gilt and really nice look.

                                                         Ca. 1880. Found Winchester, Va.


ITEM # N42                      Dug U.S. M-1839 Cartridge Box Plate. Smooth face and really nice look. Missing

                                              a portion of one hook and appears a soft shovel mark at 10:00. Recovered on the

                                             Sayler's Creek Battlefield,Va. Private Property.


ITEM # 41                           Dug U.S.Model 1855 ' Springfield 58 Cal.' Rifle Bayonet. Good dug condition with

                                               full length blade,Lock Ring & Screw intact. Excavated ' Port Walthall, Va.



ITEM # N39                          Dug Maryland Militia Coat Button. Nice gold high-lighting and problem free.

                                                  Excavated Varina Co, Va.

                                                  $350.00                                                                                                              23mm

ITEM # N26                                 Dug Mississippi Militia Infantryman's Coat Button. Dark patina and

                                                          a good solid button. Recovered near Richmond, Va.

                                                         $350.00                                                                                                    21mm

ITEM # 22                                      Dug C.S.4 Style Confederate Cavalry Spur. Excellent example with

                                                          nice Patina and Rowel. Believed to have been produced by the                                                                                                                                 * Richmond Arsenal. Excavated Winchester,Va.


ITEM # 21                                                U.S.Cavalry Spur. Full rowel and great patina.Excavated

                                                                    long ago near Winchester,Va.


ITEM # N19                                U.S. Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. These are very hard to find anymore

                                                        in this condition and this one is an excellent example. Recovered

                                                       many years ago from the Camps of Northern, Virginia.


ITEM # N16                                       * Southern Cross Of Honor * Great condition with a nice aged

                                                                patina. Badge is unmarked. Attachment pin remains in place.


ITEM # N9                          Dug " 1858 Jeff Davis Hat Pin ". Great Hardy Hat insignia with a smooth Dark Brown

                                               Patina.You can't find them like this anymore. Excavated Western Theater.


ITEM # N8                                     Dug Regulation Regimental  # '6. Hat Insignia. Great condition

                                                           recovered near Seven Pines, Va. 1" Size.


ITEM # N7                                       U.S. Cavalry ' Bit Boss ' or Rosette. This is the variant with Stippled

                                                            Face and Period between U.S. Excavated Virginia Campaign.


ITEM # N5                                            Paper Wrap Musket Percussion Caps. Unopened and really

                                                                 nice condition. I believe these would have held 10 to 12

                                                                caps and issued with the same in Bullets.