ITEM # N134                                           U.S. 1857 Flying Eagle Cent. Don't see these much anymore.

                                                                      $40.00                                       HOLD

ITEM # N133                                  Dug C.S.45 Cal.Witworth Sharpshooter Bullet. These bullets would

                                                             cause havoc in the hands of the Confederate Sniper. This one is in

                                                             nice overall condition. Recovery uncertain.

                                                             $125.00                                               SOLD

ITEM # N132                                  C.S. 37 Cal. Maynard Carbine Bullet. Excellent example of this hard

                                                             to find bullet. Found York Town,Va.

                                                             $35.00                                                                                     M&M #86             

ITEM # N131                                           U.S. / C.S. 58 Cal Rifle Bullet. Embedded in a small section of

                                                                     ' Heartwood Pine. Displays well found Cold Harbor. Va.


ITEM # N130                                 Dug U.S.Officers Shoulder Scale or ' Epaulet ' .Nice example with all

                                                            scales in place and solid. Found  U.S.Camps Bermuda Hundred.


ITEM # N129                                       Dug Militia Hat Plume Holder for the Military Dress Hat. This

                                                                  would have held the Ostrich Feather. Found Fort Leavenworth.


ITEM #128                                  Dug U.S.Waist Belt Plate. Battle scared early style plate with stud hooks

                                                         and a really nice look. Found ' Harper's Ferry ' WV.


ITEM # N127                                  Dug U.S. Shoulder Belt Plate. Nice look and strong hooks. Urethane

                                                             applied to the back and was often done by the earliest hunters.

                                                             Found Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N126                                 Dug U.S. / C.S. Cannon Ignition Primer. Found near Parker's Battery'

                                                            Chesterfield Co, Va.


ITEM # N124                Dug U.S Regulation Hat Letter H Insignia. Large Company letter in great condition.

                                           These are so many times broken when found and near impossible to dig anymore.

                                           Found many years ago near Brooke Station, Va.


ITEM # N123                     Dug U.S. Regulation Hat Letter C Insignia. Another great looking Company letter

                                                found near Brooke Station, Va.


ITEM # N122                           Dug U.S.58 Cal.Rifle Bayonet.This is about as American Civil War as it gets.

                                                      Bayonet missing a portion of it's Blade and Lock Ring. Nice Battlefield

                                                      relic. Comes with old Tag stating if was found ' Cold Harbor ' Va.


ITEM # N121                         Dug South Carolina Militia Coat Button. Great looking button with gold and

                                                   problem free. Depressed Channel Back.

                                                   $225.00                                                                                                                        23mm

ITEM # N120                                 U.S.Eagle Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. Hook appears to be an early

                                                            dig or pick-up.This relic is a thing of the past in this condition.



ITEM # N119                                      Dug U.S.Model 1840 N.C.O.Sword Scabbard Throat. Nice patina

                                                                 and clip in place. Neat relic not often seen. Recovery uncertain.

                                                                  Measures 5" in length.


ITEM # N118                                     Dug 1834 'N.C.O. and Bayonet Belt Plate. Great plate and one not

                                                                often encountered with battle scars and solid hooks. I believe

                                                                plate was found Stafford Co,Va.


ITEM # N117                                           " United Confederate Veteran " New Orleans, April 25, 1906

                                                                      Badge is in nice condition however missing pin.

                                                                      $95.00                                       HOLDJD

ITEM # N116                        Dug P- 1853 Enfield Rifle Lock & Hammer Assembly. Nice condition lock with

                                                   internals intact,cleaned & coated ready for display. Found near Petersburg,Va.


ITEM # N115                                   Dug Bugle Mouth Piece. In nice shape with great patina. You don;t

                                                              see these often. Neat little military item. Found near Richmond,Va.


ITEM # N114                     Non - Excavated Rifle Bullet Extractors. One being for the Model 1816 '69 Cal. Rifle

                                                the other for the Model 1861 '58 Cal. Rifle. Both in great condition.


ITEM # N110                             Dug Georgia Militia Cuff Button. Great little button with gold and shank.

                                                        Found Richmond,Va. Backmark: Extra Quality

                                                        $150.00                                                                                                                15mm

ITEM # N109                         Large Confederate Artillery Style Bridle Rosette. Floral pattern Rosette often used

                                                    by the Cavalry and Artillery. Lead - Filled Back. Found N. Virginia.


ITEM # N108                                                     Dug 12LB Confederate ' Iron Plug ' Side load Ball.

                                                                                Great looking shot. Found near Chester Station, Va.

                                                                                $250.00                           HOLDJD

ITEM # N106                  Early 'Petersburg,Va. Battlefield Find. Confederate 3'' Read Shell , Base with Copper Sabot.

                                             These make great displays such as Door Stops, Desk Top Paper Weights !!!


ITEM # N105                                   Dug U.S. / C.S. Bowie. Side knife measuring 15" overall with a Clip Point

                                                               Blade measuring 11". A portion of the Brass Ferrel and Cross Guard

                                                               remain with Bone Antler Handle. Great addition to any Dug

                                                               Relics display. Provenance of Northern, Virginia.


ITEM # N104                           Dug Confederate Artilleryman's Coat Button. 'Tin back button with shank

                                                      and sharp detail. Really nice, found Fredericksburg area.

                                                      $150.00                                                                                                                 23mm

ITEM # N103                                    Dug U.S. Schenkl " Early Pattern " Combination Fuze. Good solid

                                                               condition. Recovered Northern, Va


ITEM # N99                             Early Scissor Style Pistol Shot Mold. Nice example without problems and

                                                      functionable. Mold appears to be 38 & 32 Caliber.


ITEM # N98                                      Dug " Double End " Candle Holder. Great camp item hardly found

                                                               anymore. The stem is missing and likely why discarded.

                                                               Found Camp Bartow, WV.


ITEM # N97                            Dug U.S.Waist Belt Plate. Early plate found near ' Harpers Ferry  Battlefield '

                                                     and nice example with a few small service dings.



ITEM # N96                            Dug U.S.Cavalry " Double Marked " Carbine Sling Buckle. Great patina and

                                                     condition. Found near New Kent Court House, Va. Buckle is stamped

                                                     E.Gaylord Chicopee Mass. & T.J.Shepard.


ITEM # N92                         Dug U.S./C.S. Cavalry " Picket Pin ". Crude construction variant and believe it to

                                                  be a Confederate copy of the U.S.Pin. Often used in camp for Grazing  and

                                                  Tying horses. Found near Winchester, Va.


ITEM # N90                                               Dug C.S. 69 Cal.' Raleigh Arsenal ' Tall Pattern Shotgun Slug.

                                                                        Also known as the Nessler Bullet this one is in nice

                                                                        dropped condition.


ITEM # N125                                           Dug U.S.Cartridge Box Plate. Early War' battle weary plate

                                                                      found near Charles City Court House, Va.


ITEM # N113                                    Dug Umbrella Ink Well. Nice condition ink well without problems.

                                                               Trash pit find from the 'Outer Defenses of Petersburg,Va.


ITEM # N111                             Dug U.S. C.S. Cavalry / Artillery Stirrup. Heavy iron military style stirrup.

                                                       Found Spotsylvania Co,Va and in really nice shape.


ITEM # N102                              U.S. / C.S. Wood Drive - In Fuze. These wood inserts are getting very hard

                                                         to come by,this one is in great condition and ready for your shell.

                                                         Small size. Ref: Ridgeway, Fuzes.


ITEM # N107                                           Dug U.S. Sword Hanger. Nice shape found Wisconsin Troops

                                                                      Camp. New Kent Co, Va.


ITEM # N91                                             Dug U.S. Hotchkiss Paper Time Fuse Adapter for Case Shot.

                                                                      Nice condition fuse found Chesterfield Co, Va.


ITEM # N100                          Soldier Carved Rifle Bullet. Unusual design and likely for the Chess Board.

                                                     Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N68                                        Dug ' Silver I.D.Badge '. Likely made of coin silver and Engraved

                                                                                 J.GOOD * Co H * 87th  Pennsylvania. Volunteer. Infantry.

                                                                                Found Petersburg, Va  by Robert Goodwyn