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ITEM # N553                                 Dug Confederate Rosette. Ornate rosette, brass with lead filled back.

                                                             'Stan Phillips states these were used by the Confederate Cavalry.

                                                             This one is in good shape. N. Virginia find.

                                                             $45.00                                               SOLD

ITEM # N552                              Early Cuff-Link. Likely coin silver inlay. Don't often get these complete.

                                                         Found Virginia Camp " St. James Church" Spotsylvania, Va. 


ITEM # N551                              Civil War Era Powder Flask. Pewter flask in good overall condition with

                                                          tight seems. This type was popular around the mid 1800s and would

                                                          believe many young confederates carried one off to war.


ITEM # N550                                  Fork & Spoon Combination Set. However missing the wood to one

                                                              side this one is in good shape and solid. As many items were 

                                                              discarded these were often brought home from the war.



ITEM # N549                                 Dug US / CS 12 LB Solid Shot Ball. Not the best of condition however

                                                             a fair example. Found off Rt 1 near Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                             $125.00                                             SOLD

ITEM # N548                         Dug Bullet In Wood. Confederate ' Richmond ' sharps carbine in a section of

                                                     wood. Left behind by Fitz Lees cavalry, Battle of Dinwiddie Court House

                                                     March 31,1865. Four thousand Louisiana troops were captured 

                                                     the following day.

                                                     $95.00                                                      SOLD

ITEM # N547                                          Dug US Officer's Sword Hanger. I have seen this one on the

                                                                     M-1851 Sword Belt Rig. Hook was riveted to the belt. Traces 

                                                                     of gold visible. I have never seen this style excavated.



ITEM # N546                                                 Dug Vermont Militia Coat Button. Lots of gold and no 

                                                                            problems. Button found near Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                                            $275.00                                                                               23mm

ITEM # N544                            Dug " Virginia Military Institute" Coat Button. Great looking V.M.I. Cadet 

                                                        button with gold wash and no problems. Found near Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                        $250.00                                                                                                          22mm


ITEM # N543                                     Dug US Dragoons Coat Button. Silver example and finest on the 

                                                                market. Found Richmond, Va.  W.H.Horstmann & Sons Phi. BM.

                                                                $450.00                                                                                             20mm

ITEM # N542                                 Dug  US 1834  N.C.O. Belt Plate. One of the best I have seen and near

                                                            impossible to recover anymore. Provenance uncertain at this time.


ITEM # N541                                       Dug " Providence Marine Corps of Artillery " Coat Button. Good 

                                                                  condition button with gold high-lighting and scarce excavated. 

                                                                  Found Fredericksburg area.

                                                                  SOLD                                                                                                 22mm   

ITEM # N539                                     Dug US Shoulder Belt Plate. Fair condition eagle plate with solid

                                                                 provenance. Found " Fosters 1862 Raid, Kinston, N.C.

                                                                 $65.00                                           SOLD

ITEM # N537                                  Dug P-1853 Enfield Rifle Lock & Hammer Assembly. British import

                                                             for confederate use. Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N535                                     Dug US M -1839 Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Great looking buckle,

                                                                 smooth and clean. Section of belt leather remaining.

                                                                 Found near New Kent Court House, Va.


ITEM # N534                                        Dug 'Mass Volunteer Militia' Coat Button. Solid button with

                                                                   early 'Waterbury mark. Found near Fredericksburg, Va. 

                                                                   $65.00                                                                                       23mm


ITEM # N533                                 Dug Connecticut Militia Coat Button. Great button with lots of gold

                                                            and no problems. Solid button. Found New Kent Co, Va.

                                                            $100.00                                                                                                23mm

ITEM # N531               (  American Military Belt Plates ) by Michael J. O"Donnell and J. Duncan Campbell.

                                                               Hard cover 116 Pages, From the Peter George Research Library.

                                           $65.00                                                                                  OUT OF PRINT

ITEM # N530                                     Dug 1861/63 US Springfield Lock & Hammer Assembly. Good

                                                                 condition lock found Spotsylvania Battlefield by Peter George.


ITEM # N529                                      Dug Early Pistol Lock & Hammer Assembly. Lock appears to be a

                                                                 Flint Lock conversion. Found near Spotsylvania,Va by Peter George.


ITEM # N528                                                      Dug Confederate 69 Cal. Gardner Rifle Bullet. 

                                                                                 Bullet in good shape, few light scratches.

                                                                                 Found near Fredericksburg,Va.


ITEM # N527                                            US / CS 58 Cal. Cartridge for Rifle Musket. Cartridge in better 

                                                                       than average condition.


ITEM # N523                                          Dug US Regulation Company Letter " C " Hat Insignia. Don't see

                                                                     this one often. No problems found near Brooke Station, Va.    1".


ITEM # N522                                           Dug Virginia Militia Coat Button. VA 5 in great condition with 

                                                                      lots of gold wash. I believe most of these are Silver.                                                                                                                                                              Button is solid found Ashland, Va.

                                                                      $225.00                                                                                            23mm

ITEM # N518                                Dug Confederate " Standard " Frame Buckle. Great patina and condition.

                                                           Excellent example found " Rocky Face Ridge " west of Dalton, Ga.


ITEM # N515                                                Dug Iron Butt Plate. Screws intact and I believe this is for

                                                                           the 42 Musket. Found " Wilderness " by Peter George.


ITEM # N513                               Dug CS 3" Read / Broun. Scarcer long variant, missing half Sabot. Overall

                                                           solid condition. Found Petersburg, Va Battlefield by Peter George.


ITEM # N512                   Dug US / CS Snake Buckle. British import produced by Isaac Campbell & Co. London.

                                              These were smuggled threw the Union Blockade for Confederate Use.

                                              Buckle was found years ago near Centerville, Va.


ITEM # N509                                    Dug 3" Read Shell. Metal is in good shape however the Sabot appears

                                                                to have been blown off. Shell is looking for a fuse. Found

                                                                " Spotsylvania, Va Battlefield by Peter George.


ITEM # N508                                    Dug Confederate Enlistedman's Frame Buckle. " Gutter Back" frame in

                                                                solid condition. Buckle was featured in Dave Taylor's October 2010

                                                                catalog where it was purchased. Provenance states Buckle was found 

                                                                Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N501                                        Dug US Shoulder Belt Plate. Nice dark patina and full lead back.

                                                                    Found Battle of Fredericksburg,Va by Peter George.


ITEM # N495                                                Dug US " D- Ring ' Sword Hanger. Nice shape and patina.

                                                                             Found US Cavalry Camp near Aylett,Va.


ITEM # N489                 Dug US Shoulder Belt Plate. Rough plate however authentic to the "American Civil War ".

                                              Found Fredericksburg Va Battlefield by Peter George.


ITEM # N488                             Dug US Cartridge Box Plate. Smooth with a really nice look, missing hooks.

                                                         Found  Fredericksburg, Va Battlefield by Peter George.


ITEM # N468                                  Dug  Manhattan Model 1859 Navy Revolver. Great dug condition with 

                                                              desirable 6 1/2" Barrel . 36 Cal. 5 Shot, complete with Blade Sight and

                                                              working Trigger Action. Matching Serial #s 26176.  indicate revolver was

                                                               manufactured between September, 1861. -&- April,1864. Revolver was found 

                                                               near the 1863 - 1864 action of Pilot Knob, Missouri.    


ITEM # N364              Civil War Map Set. "Jeremy Francis Gilmer Confederate Major General Engineers map collection.

                                          94 map set produced in the 1970s by the Virginia Historical Society. 100 sets were published for

                                          sale. Purchased many years ago these are in nice condition with a few having a minor edge tare

                                          however most are excellent. A must for the artifacts seeker. Maps display Topographical features

                                          Home Sites most with ownership, Roads, Fields, Bridges, Railroads, Dwellings ect. Set is missing

                                          # ( 45 ) Hanover Co, Va. ?  Set consist of Virginia Counties with some North Carolina .

                                           I have not seen these offered for sale in 30 years. Maps measure 36 /24


ITEM # N439                                  Dug US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Great looking buckle with a large 

                                                              portion of belt leather intact. Found US Camps of Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N453                                     Dug US ' Burnside ' Shoulder Belt plate. This one is by far the

                                                                     best that I have had. Good detail with both loops intact. These

                                                                     are believed to be associated with the Maine Militia.

                                                                     Found Gettysburg, Pa.


ITEM # N430                           Excavated US Belt Plate. Super example in as dug, untouched condition. Both

                                                       belt ends are intact with lots of leather. Plate is in excellent condition. Found

                                                       Battle of Spotsylvania, Va. 1957.


ITEM # N427                          Tintype appearing to be a young private in full length photo. Regulation dress

                                                     with Cartridge & Cap Box, Rifle and Bayonet. Nice clean tintype. 2 1/8 - 3 1/2.

                                                     Tag states it was purchased Gettysburg 1967  $9.00



ITEM # N426                        US 1858 Smooth Side Canteen. New York Depot style in really nice condition and 

                                                    complete with original Cover, Strap and Stopper. Few light scuffs to the cover and 

                                                    strap however a great example. 


ITEM # N345                                     Dug US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Great looking early style plate with

                                                                 battle scares, a portion of belt leather under the hook and appears to

                                                                 have been Bullet Struck. Provenance of Gettysburg, Pa.


ITEM # N328                                    Dug Side Knife. 10" in length with brass cross piece and remnants of

                                                                bone handle. Likely Sheffield. Knife was found in camp occupied by

                                                                " Coppens Zouaves " Louisiana Troops, Caroline Co, Va.