ITEM # N94                                     Dug U.S./ C.S. Cannon Primer. Nice condition with wire attached.

                                                              Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N93                                Confederate Poker Chips. Games such as Poker,Chess & Checkers were

                                                         often a part of Soldiers Camp life. Here is a great example of Military

                                                          Buttons being used for Game Chips. Found near Richmond, Va.

                                                          $100.00 for the pair                                  SOLD

ITEM # N92                         Dug U.S./C.S. Cavalry " Picket Pin ". Crude construction variant and believe it to

                                                  be a Confederate copy of the U.S.Pin. Often used in camp for Grazing Horses.

                                                  Found near Winchester, Va.


ITEM # N91                                             Dug U.S. Hotchkiss Paper Time Fuse Adapter for Case Shot.

                                                                      Nice condition fuse found Chesterfield Co, Va.


ITEM # N90                                               Dug C.S. 69 Cal.' Raleigh Arsenal ' Tall Pattern Shotgun Slug.

                                                                        Also known as the Nessler Bullet this one is in nice

                                                                        dropped condition.


ITEM # N89                                          Dug Early Militia Bridle Rosette. Great condition found near

                                                                   Williamsburg, Va. I believe these date around 1840s.


ITEM #N88                                U.S.1859 Regulation Cavalry / Artillery Bridle Bit. Likely an early Battlefield

                                                         Pickup or Barn find. Complete with Bosses & Chain. N. Virginia.


ITEM # N86                                            Dug U.S.1860 Indian Head Cent. Found Chesterfield Co,Va.


ITEM # N85                                     Dug U.S.Regulation Company Letter "I" Hat Insignia. No problems.

                                                              Found in the Union Camps near Brooke Station, Va.



ITEM # N83                                   Dug U.S. M - 1839 ' Baby ' U.S.Belt Plate. Not the best of condition with

                                                            edge loss and chipping to the rim buckle remains a fair example of this

                                                             harder to find plate. Found "Harpers Ferry Road.


ITEM # N81                                Dug ' Lead ' Artillery Shell Sabot. Large Sabot which appears to be whole

                                                         in size. Likely from a 20pdr. Found in the 70s ' Malvern Hill Battlefield '.

                                                         $25.00 + $10. Flat Rate Shipping

ITEM # N74                                 Dug 1812 era `Artillery Corps' Cuff Buttons. All in good condition and

                                                         dug with shanks. Found near Folkston Ga.


ITEM # N70                                          Dug Combination Gun Tool for the Austrian Musket.

                                                                  Nipple-Pick, Screw Driver & Wrench.

                                                                  Found Northern, Va.


ITEM # N69                                          Dug ' Standard ' Confederate Time Fuse for Rifled Projectiles.

                                                                   Found Northern, Va.


ITEM # N68                                        Dug ' Silver I.D.Badge '. Likely made of coin silver and reading

                                                                                 J.GOOD * Co H * 87th  Pennsylvania. Volunteer. Infantry.

                                                                                Found Petersburg, Va  by Robert Goodwyn


ITEM # N67                                Dug Sword Belt Buckle Keepers. Both found near " Savage's Station," Va.

                                                        $30.00  For The Pair.                                                                                                                                                                                                          D

ITEM # N66                          9th Plate Tintype appearing to be a young U.S Dragoon or Artilleryman with

                                                   Shoulder Scales, Eagle Sword Belt Plate and a Fat Colt in his belt. Image

                                                   is clear and overall nice condition.



ITEM # N65                        Dug  " Volunteer Maine Militia " Cartridge Box Plate. Smooth plate in great

                                                   excavated condition with full lead back however the attachment loops are

                                                   missing. Provenance of Gettysburg, Pa. Nice clean plate.


ITEM # N61                             Dug U.S.Cartridge Box Plate.Nice overall condition with both attachment

                                                     loops in place. This one has some light iron bleed to the face.

                                                     Found Charles City Co., Va.


ITEM # N59                    Dug Virginia Staff officer's Coat Button. This rare 3 piece VA19 is one of the hardest

                                             to come by and if you collect VAs you are likely missing this one. Button has a soft

                                             push to the face, however remains a very worthy example of this Rare Button.

                                             Back is blank and believed to have been produced  for the Confederacy by

                                            "Steele & Johnson. Provenance of Northern, Va.

                                             $850.00                                                                                                                       23mm

ITEM # N56                             Dug Confederate " Snake " Buckle. Large 3 Piece Buckle and the style that

                                                     would have been Smuggled thru the Union Blockade for Confederate use.

                                                     Made by S.Isaac Campbell & Co, London. Nice Chocolate Brown Patina.

                                                     Found Fredericksburg, Va.


ITEM # N48                     U.S.Navy ' Pepper ' . Scarce bottle and Great condition. Provenance of Norfolk,Va.


ITEM # N84                           Dug U.S.Regulation Company Letter H' Hat Insignia. Great condition found in

                                                    the Union Camps near Brooke Station, Va. Hard to get these unbroken.


ITEM # N82                                        Fired 69 Cal.' Round Ball ' in Heart Wood Pine. Neat Battle Relic.

                                                                 Found near Charles City Court House, Va.


ITEM # N53                            Dug Mississippi Militia ' Infantryman's ' Coat Button. Good looking button

                                                    with Gold in all the right places. No issues or repairs. Found Central Va

                                                    Mississippi Camp.

                                                    SOLD                                                                                                                       23mm

ITEM # N79                                    Dug '1861, 44 Cal. Remington Army 'New Model Revolver. Missing the

                                                             Loading lever and Trigger Assembly this one still has eye-appeal.

                                                             8'' Octagon Barrel. Metal is in great condition and will make a nice                                                                                                                             display. Recovery uncertain, Likely N.Virginia.


ITEM # N80                                 U.S. M - 1851 Enlistedman's Saber Belt Plate. Mint condition plate with

                                                          nice toning, 3 piece German Silver Wreath and Original Keeper

                                                          with Matching Numbers.


ITEM # N77                                     Dug U.S.' Waist Belt Plate. Great looking plate. May have been

                                                             over-cleaned a little years ago however remains a solid

                                                             example. Found  near Fredericksburg, Va.