ITEM # N28                          150 Mixed Shot & Damaged Civil War Bullets. Excavated

                                              from the Richmond and Petersburg,Va areas.

                                              SOLD                  +   U.S.P.S. Flat Rate Shipping $10.00

ITEM # N27                  U.S. General Service Eagle Buttons. 10 Coat & 10 Cuff buttons all in nice

                                     dug condition with shanks recovered from the Richmond,Va area. 


ITEM # N26                   Dug Mississippi Militia Infantryman's Coat Button. Dark patina and

                                      a good solid button. Recovered near Richmond, Va.

                                      $350.00                                                                                                    21mm

ITEM # N25              Dug Eagle portion of the 1833 Two Piece Sword Belt Plate. Great condition

                                 and patina. I believe this one is from Northern, Va.


ITEM # N24                   Dug 1859 Sharps ' Four Shot ' Pepperbox Pistol. Nice relic pistol with

                                      Hammer, Trigger and Brass Sight intact. Condition is really nice.

                                     This is one you rarely see excavated. Appears to be about 32 Cal.

                                     Provenance Uncertain.


ITEM # N22                  Ohio Volunteer Militia Belt Plate. Great looking buckle dug with hooks.

                                     Buckle has a slight under curve which can be seen in the photo and is

                                     non distracting to this scarce plate. Excavated N. Virginia.


ITEM # 22                      Dug C.S.4 Style Confederate Cavalry Spur. Excellent example with

                                      nice patina and Rowel. Excavated Winchester,Va.


ITEM # 21                              U.S.Cavalry Spur. Full rowel and great patina.Excavated

                                               long ago near Winchester,Va.


ITEM # N20                 Dug ' Republic of Texas ' Dragoon ' Coat Button. Great looking button

                                    without defects, ground action or repairs of any kind. Excellent

                                    example and will be hard to find one nicer. Recovered long ago by

                                   Charles Brecheisen Plano Texas. Scovills/Waterbury bm.

                                    $2250.00                                                                             19mm

ITEM # N19                 U.S. Poncho Hook or Cape Clasp. These are very hard to find anymore

                                    in this condition and this one is an excellent example. Recovered

                                    many years ago from the Camps of Northern, Virginia.


ITEM # N18                   C.S. Tongue for the " Richmond Arsenal " Sword Belt Buckle. Tongue

                                      shows Crude Southern Craftsmanship. This one is often called the

                                      ( Bar Style ). Recovered near Brandy Station, Va.


ITEM # N17                  U.S. M -1851 Enlisted Man's Saber Belt Plate. Nice looking plate and

                                     marked " U.S. Allegheny Arsenal " Excavated Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N16                        * Southern Cross Of Honor * Great condition with a nice aged

                                             patina. Badge is unmarked. Attachment pin remains in place.


ITEM # N15                       Bugle Mouth Piece. Likely Pre-Civil War and in great condition.

                                          Excavated *Fort Gibson* Oklahoma. Built 1824.


ITEM # N14                    " Iron Stud " U.S.Buckle. Scarce buckle and not encountered often.

                                        Recovered near White House Landing,Va. Buckle has iron studs

                                        full lead back and section of Belt Leather remaining. Nice !!.


ITEM # N13               Confederate Cavalry Frame. Great looking Frame Buckle. Nice woods dug

                                  Green Patina without defects of any kind. Buckle is figure VIII-4 in Plates

                                  and ' Buckles of the American Military by Sydney Kerksis ' . Plate is the

                                  Thin Style and the rarest of these Plates. Dug near Bovina, Miss.


ITEM # N12                     U.S. M-1851 Saber Belt Plate. Great looking plate with most of the

                                        applied ' German Silver ' wreath intact. Uncommon for this plate.

                                        The Keeper is not original to the plate however does add a nice

                                        compliment. Both excavated Northern, Va.


ITEM # N11                Virginia Style C.S. Tongue & Wreath Sword Belt Buckle.Great looking Buckle

                                   excavated from Brandy Station, Va.Brandy Station or ' Fleetwood Hill was the

                                    largest cavalry battle of the Civil War. Plate was dug together and is an

                                    excellent example with matching patina and fit. It will be hard to find one nicer.


ITEM # N10                     Confederate ' Large Wishbone ' Frame Buckle. Also known as the

                                       ' Fork Tongue ' in excellent dug condition. Beautiful dark green

                                        patina without defects or repairs of any kind. Great example dug

                                        by David Manuel in Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N9              Dug " 1858 Jeff Davis Hat Pin ". Great Hardy Hat insignia with a smooth Dark Brown

                               Patina.You can't find them like this anymore. Excavated Western Theater.


ITEM # N8                       Dug Regulation Regimental Number '6. Hat letter. Great condition

                                        recovered near Seven Pines, Va. 1" Size.


ITEM # N7                      U.S. Cavalry ' Bit Boss ' or Rosette. This is the variant with Stippled

                                       Face and Period between U.S. Excavated Virginia Campaign.


ITEM # N6               Confederate ( Standard Frame ) Waist Belt Plate. Excellent condition plate with

                                 great patina and no problems of any kind. This one has a nice green patina

                                 and is a great example. Sweet !!!. Excavated Orange, Va.


ITEM # N5                          Paper Wrap Musket Percussion Caps. Unopened and really

                                           nice condition. I believe these would have held 10 to 12

                                           caps and issued with the same in Bullets.


ITEM # N4                 Confederate " Baby Wishbone " Frame Buckle. Scarce buckle, and great

                                  dug patina. Recovered  C.S. Infantry Camp in New Kent Co, Va.

                                  No breaks or repairs


ITEM # N3                                 " Dug " Artillery Cannon Primer. This one still has the

                                                    wire attached. Excavated Northern,Virginia.


ITEM # N2                             " S.N.Y. " State of New York Belt Plate. Battle weary and

                                                missing hook this one still has Eye-Appeal. Excavated

                                                long ago from the ' Five Forks ' Va. Battlefield.


ITEM # N1                Dug 1834 U.S. Non Commission Officer's Plate. Great looking plate with all

                                 hooks intact and really nice dug condition. Smooth face and full lead

                                 back. Plate was recovered many years ago from the Union Camps

                                 near Fredericksburg, Va.‚Äč