ITEM # N425                   M-1863 44 Cal. Starr Single Action Army Revolver in Semi-Relic Condition. Serial # 27827

                                              likely made late 1863 as many were issued to the New York & Michigan Cavalry. Revolver

                                              was found under the sub-floor of a North Carolina home during renovations along with Musket.

                                              Over many years paint had run thru the floor cracks onto the weapons. It has been left in as

                                              found condition. One can only think these were forgotten or just never returned to retrieve

                                              them. Accompanied with detailed letter stating provenance.


ITEM # N424                                           Dug US / CS Fired & Damaged Rifle Bullets. 100 count found in

                                                                     Camps and Battlefields of the Richmond and Petersburg Va areas.


ITEM # N423                                           Dug US / CS Fired & Damaged Rifle Bullets. 100 count found in

                                                                     Camps and Battlefields of the Richmond and Petersburg Va areas.


ITEM # N422                                           Dug US / CS Fired & Damaged Rifle Bullets. 100 count found in

                                                                     Camps and Battlefields of the Richmond and Petersburg Va areas.


ITEM # N421                                                   Excavated Confederate Sword Hanger. Really nice shape

                                                                             and not often found. Recovered near Richmond, Va.



ITEM # N420                                                      Excavated US ' D-Ring ' Sword Hanger. Dark patina

                                                                                 without issues. Found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N419                             Excavated US 54 Cal. Burnside Carbine Cartridge. Great condition cartridge

                                                        and one of the nicest I have had to offer. Recovery uncertain.


ITEM # N418                        Excavated Michigan Militia Coat & Cuff Buttons. Both have rim damage however

                                                   appear to be stable. Found ' Walnut Grove " Stafford, Va.


ITEM # N417                                   Dug Confederate Infantryman's Cast 'I' Coat Button. Super nice button

                                                             with dark patina and no problems found near Richmond, Va.

                                                             $175.00                                                                                                                    23mm

ITEM # N416                              Dug Relic Box Lot. Large group of Military & Civilian items recovered from

                                                         Camps, Battlefields and Home Sites throughout Central, Virginia.


ITEM # N415                          Exploded CS/US 12 LB. Bormann Case Shot Ball from the Gettysburg PA. Battlefield.

                                                Ball is in three sections about 90% complete with shot and under plug intact. 

                                                Great looking piece minus the 60 yr old tap. True Gettysburg provenance.

                                                Tag states Ball was found Gettysburg Battlefield. Purchased 1962 for $8.50

                                                Tag is labeled  #12

                                                                                                                                                                               Goodman Collection.


ITEM # N414                                 Dug 58 Cal. Rifle Bayonet. Fair condition bayonet with lock ring intact.

                                                            Tag reads  " Cold Harbor  1977.  Items are out of the Life Long Goodman

                                                            collection who was an avid Reenactor / Collector. Often in his travels

                                                            Mr.Goodman purchased artifacts from Relic Shops, Road Side Stands

                                                            and often the back of Pickups. All are labeled with provenance.


ITEM # N412                                            Dug Rifle Butt plate. Common item however solid provenance.

                                                                      Tag reads " Bloody Angle " Spotsylvania, Va.


ITEM # N410                                         Dug US 44 Cal." Henry Repeating Rifle Cartridge. Great example

                                                                    found US Cavalry Camp near Hopewell, Va.

                                                                    $45.00                                                                   M&M Cartridges # 161

ITEM # N409                                   Early Floral Buttons. Group of dug flower buttons all appearing to be

                                                               civil war or earlier. Found Stafford Co, Va area.


ITEM # N408                  Excavated US '1851 " Officer's " Sword Belt Plate. Variant with integral wreath and great

                                              patina. This style was worn by US & CS Officer's alike. Found Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N405                         Excavated US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Great patina and condition minus a few

                                                    small service dings. Portion of belt leather intact. Found Stafford Co, Va.


ITEM # N404                             Excavated 1858 '  Smooth Side ' Canteen. Tin Spout variant produced in the

                                                        North & South and used by both armies. Heavy damage to one side however

                                                        solid. Tag reads ' Cold Harbor, Va.'


ITEM # N403                                Excavated C.S. Richmond " High Hump " Rifle Lock & Hammer Assembly.

                                                           Good condition and extremely scarce to come by.


ITEM # N401                                    Excavated US / CS 12 Lb ' Solid ' Cannon Shot. Nice shape cleaned

                                                               and coated. Largely used for destroying  fortifications.

                                                               Found 'McClellans Siege of  York Town, Va.


ITEM # N400                                          " Southern Cross of Honor." Great aged patina and complete.


ITEM # N399                                        Dug US / CS Fired & Damaged Rifle Bullets. 100 count found in

                                                                   Camps and Battlefields of the Richmond and Petersburg Va areas.


ITEM # N398                            Excavated " Cadet V.M.I. Coat Button. Virginia Military Institute button with

                                                        lots of gold and early Robinson BM. Found near Fredericksburg, Va.

                                                        $250.00                                                                                                                      22mm

ITEM # N397                   Excavated US / CS Snake Buckle. British import produced by Isaac Campbell & Co, London.

                                              Flawless example in all regards. Found long ago  Brooke Station, Va.



ITEM # N396                             Excavated Confederate "  'I' with Stars " Infantry Coat Button. Less common

                                                         variant in solid condition. Found Southeast, Va.

                                                         $495.00                                                                                                                      23mm

ITEM # N395                                                       Dug US 56 Cal Spencer Carbine Rifle Cartridge.

                                                                                  Nice example found near Aylett, Va.


ITEM # N392                                            50 assorted Pistol / Revolver Bullets & Balls. All in good shape

                                                                       found Central Va Camps and Battlefields.


ITEM # N390                                         Excavated US General 'Staff Officers ' Coat Button. Great look with

                                                                     lots of gold wash and no problems. Found New Kent Court House, Va.

                                                                     $100.00                                                                                              23mm

ITEM # N389                             Excavated Confederate Tongue & Wreath Sword Belt Buckle. Richmond Style

                                                        CS Cavalryman's 'Two Piece' buckle with superb patina and condition. Hard to

                                                        get them any nicer found Northern, Va.


ITEM # N387                                                   Excavated Confederate 69 Cal " Teat Base " Rifle Bullet.

                                                                              Excellent dropped condition. Found Northern, Va.

                                                                              $25.00                                                                  M&M # 324

ITEM # N386                                     Excavated Confederate ' Sword Hanger '. Iron & Brass construction.

                                                                Southern appeal, found near Richmond, Va.


ITEM # N383                                              Excavated  US 1853 Half Dime. Found Bermuda Hundred

                                                                         Camps. Chesterfield Co, Va.


ITEM # N382                            Excavated US Regulation Horse Bit. Dug or Picked up long ago Bit has great

                                                        patina to the Bosses and smooth Metal. This one is Maker Marked ; A. Barclay.

                                                        Alexander Barclay produced Bits & Spurs for the US Army  1860 - 1864.




ITEM # N381                                Excavated Sporting Button. Cuff size button with good detail and patina.

                                                           Button depicts an Elk / Stag. Found near Richmond, Va.

                                                           $20.00                                                                                                    15mm

ITEM # N380                                               Excavated US Enlistedmen's Belt Plate. Stud hook buckle

                                                                          and a nice look. Found Central, Va.


ITEM # N376                         Excavated US / CS Flat or Coin Buttons. 100 count all in good condition without

                                                    shanks. Found civil war era Camps & Home Sites in the Richmond Va, area.


ITEM # N369                              Excavated US / CS Flat or Coin Buttons. 100 count all in good condition with

                                                         shanks. Found civil war era Camps & Home Sites in the Richmond Va, area.


ITEM # N368                                     Excavated Lock & Hammer Assembly for the '  Saxon Musket '.

                                                                You never see this one. Scarce Lock. Found Petersburg, Va Battlefield.


ITEM # N367                                 Excavated Confederate 3'' Broun Shell. Excellent example, smooth with

                                                            wood fuse insert intact. Found in the early days Petersburg, Va Battlefield.


ITEM # N365                                     Excavated Maine Militia Coat Button. Lots of gold and no problems.

                                                                 Found ' Walnut Grove ' Stafford Co, Va.  

                                                                 $200.00                                                                                                        23mm                         

ITEM # N364              Civil War Map Set. "Jeremy Francis Gilmer Confederate Major General Engineers map collection.

                                          94 map set produced in the 1970s by the Virginia Historical Society. 100 sets were published for

                                          sale. Purchased many years ago these are in nice condition with a few having a minor edge tare

                                          however most are excellent. A must for the artifacts seeker. Maps display Topographical features

                                          Home Sites most with ownership, Roads, Fields, Bridges, Railroads, Dwellings ect. Set is missing

                                          # ( 45 ) Hanover Co, Va. ?  Set consist of Virginia Counties with some North Carolina .

                                           I have not seen these offered for sale in 30 years. Maps measure 36 /24


ITEM # N406                                                  Excavated 69 Cal. CS Gardner " Deep Base " Rifle Bullet.

                                                                              Extremely Rare and hard to get Bullet. I believe this one

                                                                              was recovered Central Virginia.



ITEM # N385                                       Exploded US 3" Schenkl with Combination Fuse and Shot intact.

                                                                  Early Battlefield dig or Pickup in great shape. Provenance uncertain.


ITEM # N391                                        US 12Lb Solid Shot Ball on the Sabot. Ball is missing a portion of

                                                                   one band with crack to sabot. Overall good condition and solid.

                                                                   Getting near impossible to acquire these anymore. Displays well.

                                                                   Great addition to the Artillery display.


ITEM # N375                            Excavated US M-1851 Cavalryman's Saber Belt Plate. Good looking plate dug

                                                       with hook and Bench Marked # 260, nice body curve however missing wreath.

                                                       Accompanied with tag stating found 1960 Antietam Battlefield, Md.


ITEM # N329                           Dug US Cavalry ' Cross Sabers ' Hat Insignia. Great condition insignia without

                                                       defects or repairs of any kind. Found u.s. camps of Stafford Co, Va. 


ITEM # N303                                                               Early Iron 36 Cal.' Pocket Round Ball Mold.  

                                                                                            Scissor style mold complete with ball.


ITEM # N384                                    Excavated US / CS 'Side Knife Scabbard Tip. Brass tip in good shape

                                                               and likely confederate. Found near Fredericksburg, Va.  1 1/4 - 2 1/4"


ITEM # N311                      Dug Confederate ' Clip Corner ' Belt Plate. Early war plate missing bar hook however

                                                 a great example without ground action or problems. Buckle has a light body curve.

                                                 Nice smooth plate found Piedmont Virginia camp.


ITEM # N355                     Dug US Eagle Shoulder Belt Plate. Great condition and detail. Surely dug

                                                many years ago. Recovery Uncertain. Portion of belt leather remaining.


ITEM # N363                                     Excavated US / CS ' Bugler  Mouth Piece'. Brass bugle insert in great

                                                                shape. Not often dug anymore this one was found Kennesaw, Ga.


ITEM # N302                                 Confederate States $100 Note. ' Dec 11 1862 ' Good circulated condition.


ITEM # N345                                     Dug US Enlistedman's Belt Plate. Great looking early style plate with

                                                                 battle scares, a portion of belt leather under the hook and appears to

                                                                 have been Bullet Struck. Provenance of Gettysburg, Pa.


ITEM # N328                                    Dug Side Knife. 10" in length with brass cross piece and remnants of

                                                                bone handle. Likely Sheffield. Knife was found in camp occupied by

                                                                " Coppens Zouaves " Louisiana Troops, Caroline Co, Va.


ITEM # N335                       Dug Savage 36 Cal. " Navy " Revolver. Don't see these often in excavated condition.

                                                   Battle weary and missing Back Strap. Revolver is out of a Georgia Estate and

                                                   believed to be recovered near ' Macon.