ITEM # UB68                                Dug U.S. Infantryman's Cuff Button. Lots of gold and stippled Shield.

                                                            Don't see this one often. Found near Richmond Va.

                                                            $25.00                                                                                                             16mm

ITEM # UB67                                                 Dug " New York ' 1 Piece. Traces of gold  and shank.

                                                                             Found near Richmond, Va.                         23mm


ITEM # UB66                                  Dug U.S.Navy Cuff Button. Lots of gold however does have ground

                                                              action to the back. Solid button. Found Spotsylvania Co, Va.

                                                              $25.00                                                                                                        14mm

ITEM # UB65                                      Dug U.S.General Service ' Coat & Cuff ' Eagle Buttons. Nice shape

                                                                  and found Capital of The Confederacy " Richmond, Va.



ITEM # UB64                                          U.S. Cavalry " Officer's " Overcoat Button. Non-Dug button

                                                                      Backmark: Thomas N. Dale & Co* New York*.

                                                                      $50.00                                                                                       23mm

ITEM # UB63                           Dug U.S. General Staff Cuff Button. Not the best of condition however dug

                                                       with Bachelor's Ring. Quick fix when Needle & Thread were not available.

                                                       Found Stafford Co, Va.

                                                       $15.00                                                                                                                    15mm

ITEM # UB62                             Dug U.S. Cavalry Officer's ' Overcoat ' Eagle C Button. Has some ground

                                                         action however solid with gold high-lighting. Found Catharpin Rd, Va.

                                                         Backmark  " Canfield Bros./Baltimore.

                                                         $50.00                                                                                                                 23mm

ITEM # UB61                               Dug Rhode Island Militia Coat Button. Good detailed button however

                                                          no gold. Found " Walnut Grove' Stafford,Va.

                                                          $65.00                                                                                                             23mm

ITEM # UB40                                   Dug New York Militia Cuff Button. Gold high-lighting and shank.

                                                                Nice example. Found  " Walnut Grove' Stafford, Va.


ITEM # UB60                                       Dug Connecticut Militia Coat Button. Gold high-lighting and

                                                                   no problems. Found near Richmond, Va.

                                                                   $50.00                                                                                            23mm

ITEM # UB59                                        Dug U.S.Voltiguers ' Cuff ' Button. Eagle 'V' in good condition

                                                                    however missing shank. Found RT 29 Centerville, Va.

                                                                    $125.00                                                                                              15mm

ITEM # UB58                          Dug Connecticut Militia Coat Button. Fair example with gold high-lighting

                                                      and shank. Broad push to face. Found N.Carolina.

                                                      $35.00                                                                                                                             23mm

ITEM # UB57                   Dug Massachusetts 'Volunteer' Militia Coat Button. Gold highlighting and no issues.

                                              Solid button found near Richmond, Va.

                                              $50.00                                                                                                                                            23mm

ITEM # UB56                                              Dug U.S.Artillery ' Kepi ' Button. Tin Back variant and

                                                                          likely for the Kepi. Gold highlighting found ' Maryland.

                                                                          $20.00                                                                            14mm

ITEM # UB55                                Dug U.S. Infantry Officer's Cuff Button. Smooth button with gold and

                                                            no ground action. Soft push to the face. Found N.Carolina.

                                                            $8.00                                                                                                            16mm

ITEM # UB54                          Dug Rhode Island Militia Coat button. Nice example however button does

                                                      have soft push to face and appears to have a small ding to the back.

                                                      Button is solid found Maryland Campaign.

                                                      $95.00                                                                                                                         23mm

ITEM # UB53                                       Dug U.S. Staff Officer's Cuff Button. Lots of gold,no problems.

                                                                   Found ' Maryland Campaign.

                                                                   $25.00                                                                                           15mm

ITEM # UB52             Dug U.S. Ordnance Corps Cuff Button. Great patina and detail on this one. Many Confederate

                                        artilleryman had these buttons. Found ' Bragg Hill' Fredericksburg, Va.

                                        $100.00                                                                                                                                        15mm

ITEM # UB51                                           Dug Rhode Island Militia ' Staff ' Coat Button. Lots of gold

                                                                      on this one however there is a light push to the face.

                                                                      Good example found Maryland campaign.

                                                                      $75.00                                                                                       23mm

ITEM # UB50                                         Dug Connecticut Militia Coat Button. Broad push to the face

                                                                     however button has lots of gold and no ground action. Hard

                                                                     to find mark of " Lesher & Whitman N.Y. ".

                                                                     $35.00                                         SOLDW                                         23mm

ITEM # UB49                                              Dug U.S.Infantry Officer's Coat Button. Great example

                                                                          without problems of any kind. Found near Richmond, Va.

                                                                          $15.00                                    HOLDR                                       21mm

ITEM # UB48                                    Dug U.S. Cavalry Coat Button. Eagle C with smooth face and gold

                                                                high-lighting. Button appears to have been hit when dug and has

                                                                a small separation. Solid button. Found N,Virginia.

                                                                $20.00                                                                                                     21mm

ITEM # UB47                                       Dug U.S.Artilleryman's Coat Button. Early 1 piece with shank

                                                                   and gold high-lighting. Found near 'Seven Pines, Va.


ITEM # UB45                                           Dug U.S.Marines coat Button. Lots of gold wash and shank.

                                                                       Button appears to have a few light pinholes however solid

                                                                       Found near Richmond, Va.

                                                                       $65.00                                                                                     23mm

ITEM # UB43                                        Dug U.S. Artillery Cuff Button. Great patina. Early Scovills

                                                                    flat back. Recovered Georgia.

                                                                    $45.00                                                                                      15mm

ITEM # UB42                           Dug U.S. Dragoon Button. This is the small Kepi ' size. Found N.Virginia.


ITEM # UB39                                         Maine Militia Coat Button. Non-Dug and really nice look.

                                                                    $75.00                                                                                    23mm                                                                            D

ITEM # UB37                               New York Militia Coat Button. Non-Dug example with Blazing Gold.

                                                          $45.00                                                                                                      23mm                                                                                                               D

ITEM # UB36                                       Dug U.S.Cavalry Officer's ' Overcoat ' C Button. Lots of gold

                                                                  and no problems. Found Henrico Co, Va.

                                                                  $100.00                                                                                          23mm

ITEM # UB35                                     Dug Officer's ' Overcoat ' Infantry Button. Lots of gold and no

                                                                problems. Recovered Henrico Co, Va.

                                                                $50.00                                                                                          23mm                                                                                                                         D

ITEM # UB30                        Dug U.S.Infantry Officer's " Overcoat " Button. Lots of gold wash and solid.

                                                    Recovered years ago from the Camps of Stafford, Va.

                                                    $50.00                                                                                                                  23mm

ITEM # UB27                              U.S. Cavalry Officer's Overcoat Eagle C Button. Great looking button

                                                         with gold wash. These large buttons are becoming very scarce to

                                                         recover. This one has a light crimp to the back

                                                         where hit by the digger. Button remains solid.

                                                         Dug Stafford Co, Va.

                                                         $100.00                                                                                                      23mm

ITEM # UB26                                     U.S. Marines. Good condition with Gold Wash and great eye

                                                                appeal. Button was dug near White House Landing. There

                                                                is an almost unnoticeable dent under the left wing.

                                                                $125.00                                                                                          23mm

ITEM # UB25                                  U.S. General Staff  Officer's Cuff Button. Great button with plenty

                                                             of gold and problem free. Excavated Virginia Campaign.

                                                             $35.00                                                                                                  15mm

ITEM # UB24                                        Dug U.S. Voltiguers Coat Button. Dug with shank and solid.

                                                                    Excellent example of this hard to get button.

                                                                    $350.00                                                                                20mm

ITEM # UB23                              Mass Volunteer Militia Coat Button. Nice gold plating and the scarce

                                                         mark of ' Wm.H.Smith. New.York. There is an almost unnoticeable

                                                         push under the sword. Recovery Unknown.

                                                         $80.00                                                                                                            23mm

ITEM # UB16                                      Scarce Harrison Campaign 0f 1840. This one has the Octagon

                                                                Border. Great dug condition from New Kent, Va.

                                                                $130.00 Sale $100.00                                                      19mm                                                                                D

ITEM # UB13                      Dug U.S. General Service ' Overcoat ' Button. You don't see this early one often.

                                                Lots of gold wash and mark of Horstmann & Allien. Dug N. Virginia.

                                                SOLD                                                                                                                           23mm

ITEM # UB12                                      U.S. Infantryman's Coat Button. Great button in all regards

                                                                 and loaded with Gold Wash. Excavated Northern, Va.

                                                                $40.00                                                                                            21mm

ITEM # UB11                                   Dug U.S. Cavalry Officer's ' Overcoat ' Button. Nice button with

                                                             lots of gold. There is the lightest push to the face as can

                                                             be seen. Excavated Virginia Campaign.

                                                             $75.00                                                                                                  23mm

ITEM # UB10                         Dug U.S. Ordnance Corps Coat Button. I have seen more of these excavated

                                                    in Confederate sites than Union. No defects or repairs. U.S.Ordnance* Corps*.

                                                    $200.00                                                                                                                    22mm

ITEM # UB9                             U.S. Marine Coat Button. Great looking button with gold and no defects

                                                      or problems of any kind. Button was dug in Caroline Co, Va.

                                                     Backmark: ' Scovills & .Superfine '.

                                                     $150.00                                                                                                                  21mm

ITEM # UB4                                      U.S. Dragoon Coat Button. Great button with super eye appeal

                                                               and no problems of any kind. Excellent example !!

                                                               $125.00                                                                                                20mm

ITEM # UB2                                    " Dug " U.S.Engineers Cuff Button. Excavated buttons are scarce in

                                                             this small size. Missing shank. Virginia Campaign.

                                                             $75.00                                                                                                     15mm

ITEM # UB33                                   Dug U.S.Infantryman's Cuff Button. Nice gold and problem free.

                                                              Excavated from a Military Home Site near Williamsburg, Va.

                                                              SOLD                                                                                                       15mm

ITEM # UB8                                 Vermont Militia Coat Button. Smooth button with gilt high-lighting.

                                                          Nice eye-appeal on this one. Excavated Northern, Va.

                                                          SOLD                                                                                                               23mm

ITEM # UB18                             U.S. Ordnance Corps Cuff Button. This one is super nice. No problems

                                                        of any kind. Excavated Northern, Va. " Scovills.Waterbury. " BM.

                                                        SOLD                                                                                                                     15mm

ITEM # UB41                                        Dug U.S. General Service Eagle Coat Button. Don't see these

                                                                   often with gold. Recovered Stafford Co, Va.

                                                                   SOLD                                                                                             20mm

ITEM # UB29                              Dug ' Low Convex ' U.S.Infantryman's Coat Button. These are a little

                                                         more scarce than the common Convex variants. Really nice look.

                                                         Recovered near Brooke Station, Va.

                                                         SOLD                                                                                                                                      21mm

ITEM # UB15                                       U.S. Infantry Officer's ' Overcoat ' Button. Great look and lots

                                                                 of gold. Excavated Virginia Campaign.

                                                                 SOLD                                                                                                23mm

ITEM # UB3                                   New York Militia Coat Button. Gilt high-lighting and no problems.

                                                           Excavated near Richmond,Va by Lester Roberts.

                                                           SOLD                                                                                                             23mm


ITEM # UB46                                        Dug U.S.Artilleryman's Coat Button. Great detail with shank.

                                                                    Found near 'Seven Pines, Va.

                                                                    SOLD                                                                                                   21mm

ITEM # UB38                    Dug Massachusetts Militia Cuff Button. Mass Volunteer Militia with lots of gold

                                               and mark of  ' Robinsons. Makers.' Found Henrico Co,Va.

                                               SOLD                                                                                                                                 15mm                                    

ITEM # UB31                                               U.S.Dragoon Cuff Button. Nice detail and problem

                                                                          free. Excavated near Richmond,Va.

                                                                          SOLD                                                                                15mm